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Yes, it's nationally recognized by the constitutional party potatoes of America.
Do mountains die?

What the what?
"The pain goes away, but your work always remains." - Masahiro Sakurai
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because Mr.Chuck(norris) said it isn't a question! heck yeah!
what's the name you gave to your least favorite loved to hate living rock?

goodbyes are a sad part of life but for every end there's a new beggining so one must never stop looking forward to the next dawn
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Mr. Charlie Mcmacaroonie, the Fourth

What color would you use to draw a squiggly line?


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Because lord Xenu said so.

How come the sky turns dark when the sun goes down?


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Because you can't see the sky when it's gone to sleep.

Where did the rum go?

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Deposited into the fountain of Coke on the Island of alchohism located deep in my digestive system.

What color is nothing?

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