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I bought this book for 2 dollars at a flea market last weekend. It is a book about Archie Andrews. It is not just comics but explores the history of the comic from 1942 to 1992. The book btw was written by Charles Phillips.

I assume people here are Archie fans. It was interesting to go through Archie's first appearance along with Veronica's. It described changes with their looks and how it changed with the times. The Beatnik period was quite interesting with the comic it used for the example.

It is true what the book described as how young people and adults get different things from the comics. Veronica and her dad are so devoted to each other whats the implications long term with either Archie or Reggie. Will either always feel they are competing with her father?

As a child and young adult I was favoring Archie with Veronica due to her wealth. Now as an adult I am on Betty's side. She is stable and I think can cope better with change. Veronica I am not sure if you want her by you if life turns sour.

Oddly Sabrina, The Teenage Witch which for years a sidestory in Archie comics turned into far larger money maker and more popular with long running TV series, novels, cartoons etc. Archie got a one season cartoon in 70s and one TV movie.

Any Archie Andrews fans should look for it.



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