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This is a thread of just things you may appreciate but do not personally like. I kick it off. I definitely appreciate country music, but I don't like it. Same goes with most puzzle video games.

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The Green Bay Packers. I definitely don't like them (I hate them), but I appreciate them for the rivalry they have with my Vikings!

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Off the top of my head

Imangi (Temple Run) - Don't like the game, but they're at the very least able to come off as normal people, moreso then other devs
Ketchup - I hate ketchup, but hey, so many people eat it

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Any composer that primarily uses serialism to compose atonal music, really. Just cannot wrap my mind around it, but I still recognize its value. As for most other composers in general, I am pretty open-minded. I might not like much of their stuff at first but they will grow on me after a while. Bach and Bartok are two that I would've listed here a year or so ago but man I love them both so much now.

Beethoven's Symphony No. 9... I love the first movement to death. 2nd and 3rd as well. If it had a different final movement, then it would possibly be the greatest symphony ever written (imo) but... Man, I just can't bring myself to like the last one. I've tried. But no. Maybe I am just too naive still

Schumann and Brahms. I don't like too much romantic to start with, but with these two composers there are probably less than 10 works between them that I enjoy. And then most all of early Liszt. His more mature works are amazing but a lot of the early ones are too 'showy' and devoid of musicality.

Tea. Pretty fanceh stuff, I'll take coffee any day though. I'm just not classy enough u_u

As for video games, well, there are many. I can appreciate the effort that went into making a lot of early games (on the NES and such) but I can not find much enjoyment in them. Games like Metroid, Final Fantasy, etc. Then there are those games that fall into the realm of genres that I just do not like.

And finally, Nintendo >:3

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gaming stuff is only what's coming to mind. And maybe programming languages in a way (so many ultimately pointless classes for me...hahaha...sigh)

People being passionate about hobbies (in a sane and not horrible way of course) I don't care about might count?

But mostly games.

-Borderlands. I immediately appreciate any FPS that is actually trying to do something unique, considering how badly innovation has been needed in this genre for like half a decade. Can't really get into though (but I couldn't get into Bioshock until my 4th or 5th attempt at playing Bioshock in like 4 years, so who knows)
-old school PC games that I would inevitably fail at or get bored with. The old school PC gaming scene is cool with their adventures games and text-based RPGs but oh god I have no interest in actually playing almost any of them ever.
-EA Origin. Just because Steam should have competition.
-Certain games that have "unfun" parts intentionally. Suda 51 is an obvious example of this, and a lot of the time I kinda hate it but I can if it's done right it can add so much to a game. Also I've recently learned to respect Survival Horror just a bit more so I guess that too.

Bioshock is 10 years old. Let's play through its horrific environment and see why its so beloved!
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I can appreciate that 2001: A Space Odyssey is an important, well-constructed and influential film. But I still can't help but find it sleep-inducing.

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Overly energetic/peppy people- I think its cool and all that they're full of energy and ready to go, and sometimes I wish I had some of that energy. But the thing is I'm a really laid-back, easygoing kinda guy so I usually find those kinds of people rather annoying and a bit tiring to watch, especially early in the morning.

Anything scented- I can't smell so anything like candles or air fresheners are useless for me personally, only use them when expecting company. Same for cologne being unable to smell makes it kinda hard to pick anything out so I usually don't wear any. On the bright side a lot of people seem to mistake my Old Spice for it.

COD- I know the series is popular and gets a lot of hate but despite not being a huge fan I can see why its popular. I don't care for then campaign or war games in general but is a good game for split-screen multiplayer, especially the zombie and survival modes.

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Any MMO.

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Mcdonald's. They have a great business model and are extremely profitable, but I think their food is awful.

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The Metroid Prime games just can't seem to get into them at all.



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Zombie_Barioth wrote:

Overly energetic/peppy people- I think its cool and all that they're full of energy and ready to go, and sometimes I wish I had some of that energy. But the thing is I'm a really laid-back, easygoing kinda guy so I usually find those kinds of people rather annoying and a bit tiring to watch, especially early in the morning.

lol, this.



Online Multiplayer in any game that uses it. I can never seem to enjoy multtiplayer unless the people I'm playing with are actually with me while we are playing.

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Linux and, to generalize and cast the net a little too wide (since some things that fall within this that I do really like and use daily), open-source desktop software. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate that a collaborative effort to bring about a free and arguably superior alternative to an (often costly) product that exists on the market is a marvelous and commendable thing.
They just seem to unanimously suffer from enormous feature creep - "I'm sure we can squeeze another 16 buttons on this panel, guys" - and the will to allow the user to dig down into the very fabric of the universe when it comes to tool options and customising settings. So you end up requiring a hefty reference book just to grasp the basics.
Not to mention the fact that they seem to want to make all options available at all times for all types of users - from beginners using OpenOffice to write letters, to high-level development experts who care about (and know about) things like character encoding and external data sources. So you end up with a software littered with indecipherable tools and dialogues that may as well be written entirely in hieroglyphs for the former camp, and stodgy and unintuitive to navigate for the latter camp.

I'm not saying that commercial software is perfect either - I develop database front-ends in Microsoft Access in my day job, and it is hands down one of the most hateful pieces of software I have ever come across.

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JRPG. Can appreciate some of the stories told in them but find most of them boring to play. - Dayman
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