Topic: Anyone still play Mario Paint?

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I just got back into playing this program. I love it and its so much fun! I'm currently trying to create a few and if I can figure them out I'll get these two up soon
Minecraft "Wet hands" and Macklemoore "Thrift Store"

I've done these ones so far as nice collection for my channel

Skrillex "Scary monsters and nice sprites"

Skrillex "Scary monsters and nice sprites - Orch verision"
Skrillex Scary Monsters Orch 2 - Mario Paint - YouTube

Epic Sax Guy
Epic Sax Guy - Mario Paint - YouTube

Gangnam Style
Super Mario Gangnam Style Mario Paint - YouTube

Nine Inch Nails "Hurt"
Nine Inch Nails Hurt - Mario Paint - YouTube

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WOW you went old school sarahmarie lol i played that back then when i was in middle school...

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You almost lost me with Skrillex but won me over in the end with Hurt. Nice!

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