Topic: Anyone here watch Breaking Bad?

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I'm satisfied with the ending. All the characters that I wanted to die died. All the people I wanted to see live lived. Walt won (got the money to his kids, killed the Nazi's) and lost (died, his family still hates him).

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That was the best possible way to end the show.

There is no question. That is a permanent contender for best final episode of anything ever.

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I thought it was perfect. I would change nothing...

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A great ending. I honestly can't think of any other way that they could have ended it.

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best tv show of all time, definitely
so sad it's over, i enjoyed it immensely



The ending was predictable, but the execution was perfect and I wouldn't have it end any other way. I wasn't expecting a mind-blowing finale, just something that tied up all the loose ends with a neat bow. And that's that.

And I'll miss it a lot. God knows how long it will be until I can get so incredibly invested into a television show again.

I had fun once and it was awful.


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