Topic: Anyone have/had Swine flu?

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I dont thank god.
Just curious.

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Nope. They're predicting the numbers to jump in the fall and winter (like the regular flu). You know the press is just itching for a huge outbreak so they can cover it for 20 hours a day. I think that as long as it isn't the cover for the arrival of Randall Flagg it'll blow over.

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JustYourAverageBleh wrote:

and thank God he kept me healthy

Actually they're called white blood cells. Common mistake.

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minial100 wrote:

Lemme guess... You're an athiest. But no I haven't had it, as far as I know.

If you're talking to me then I'm Christian.

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Never had and never will thanks to the hand sanitizer.

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minial100 wrote:

Lemme guess... You're an athiest.

Well come on. If you were god, would you sit there worrying about the health of 6 billion people and meddling with each of their immune systems to help them ward off the flu (let's not even get into the implications of actually getting sick if this were the case...) or, would you kick back with a can of guinness and work on your celestial tan?

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no never will

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Nope. I'm flying to China soon though, so I hope nobody on my plane has any sort of illness, because they will quarantine a whole plane if someone so much as coughs until the person tests negative.

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