Topic: Anyone Frequent Any Forums That Don't Revolve Around Gaming?

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To put it another way: Does anyone here frequent any boards that aren't necessarily a gaming forum? Having a gaming section or sub-forum is fine for this discussion. Having nothing gaming-related is also fine. I'm really just asking out of genuine curiousity. You don't have to tell the name of the forum if you don't want to.

Personally, I used to frequent some anime forums on and off, but I haven't been to them in quite a few months, and probably won't go back for quite a for now, now, I just frequent gaming forums (well, forum...I don't really frequent anywhere besides this place anymore).

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I mainly frequent Naruto Forums. It's got a Gaming Department section that I visit, but I mainly visit there to discuss my favorite anime/manga series and general stuff. If you see someone called Ultimania on Naruto Forums, that's me. I also visit Bleach Asylum once in awhile under the username of Ultimate Ichigo.



yep. i regularly visit news, newspapers from around the world. it's a great way to get different insights into what is going on. some is tripe, but some of it is invaluable, imho.

i also am a regular on some art/artist site forums.

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I don't think I have to say what forums I go to.


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I use to visit other forums mainly some computer ones and a few others which I cant even remember their names now. But than my life got a bit busy and I didnt have time to visit each forum so I just come to NL cause all around its the best.

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bezerker99 wrote:

Bacon threads, that's about it.

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A Couple or so years back i used the IGN Nintendo Forum quite a bit during the beginning to mid Wii generation.
But nowadays, aside from commenting on Bloody Disgusting, Aint it cool News, Dinosaur Dracula and & Retro Junk(Well...At least before the lame redesign) Articles, i use the Nintendo Life & Bloody Forums.



NL only for me at the moment. But I might start frequenting forums once I start my own flock this spring.


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Here and then, I'll look around in the forums from the Extra Credits website. And while it's somewhat tied to video games, it's mainly about the game industry and game development.

Next, I sometimes check my Google+ communities, mainly one called Education Revolution. It's not a forum, but it has interesting stuff.

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A few, including a forum for competitive target shooting. If you think brand loyalty to video games gets insane then you've never seen people argue for 70 pages about the merits of a 1 inch difference in the length of recurve bows.

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  • darkSpyro Forums(as GamingMaster_76- I know, it's a stupid name which I picked on Animal Crossing Community when I was a noob ), but I only visit the Skylanders sections, Polls and Video Gaming now and mainly stay for PMs.
  • Minecraft Forums. Usually visit once a week. Not huge on the community here, but I do love Minecraft and there are a couple of threads that are fun to put input into.
  • Here

So no.
Aside from those, I do stalk Tumblr slightly(mostly the Wreck-It Ralph Confessions blog, because reading it cheers me up), and I read GameFAQs and NeoGAF Forums for lulz, but I don't have accounts in any of those places, at least not yet. I am getting a Cintiq soon so I might get a Tumblr to dump art on then though.

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I do, but they're tattooing forums, and the sections I frequent are closed to non-tattooers.

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I'm either here or on Kotaku sometimes.
I don't surf the web as much as I used to.

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Yes. The forums, mostly.
Also, does the off-topic section of count?


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I used to frequent some anime forums but not anymore. this forum and one other are the only ones I use and they are both gaming related.

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I use StackOverflow a fairly decent amount. Not quite a forum, but not far removed. Otherwise, I'm just here.


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