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Nintendo Power WAS an advertisement. Minority Arakawa has said quite openly that they could only make a limited amount of games, and there was no way to make sure their games were the best available, so they created Nintendo Power to advertise their games. They'd also use the threat of no coverage against any third party that upset them.

Edge and Retro Gamer are the only ones that feel like they're still worth reading these days, but even Edge put all the reviews up on their website for free.

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I'd been reading NGamer (in it's many iterations) - on and off since 1998 before they were shut down by their publishers.

Because I was due some editions in my subscription, Future switched me over to ONM, but I hated it. I miss reading a good nintendo magazine.

More recently, I've been buying Retro Gamer. There may be a bit too much Atari and Commodore 64 for my liking, but it's quite an interesting read all around. Plus, unlike Ngamer, it has content I can't readily access from the Internet - namely Nintendolife.

I haven't subscribed to it yet though, and to be honest, I don't think I'm desperate to.

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RR529 wrote:

^Wow, I knew NP went under, but I had no idea it had gotten that bad for other gaming mags as well...

Does OXM still come with demo discs? I used to get it just for those, and still have a bunch of them safely in a carrying case, lol.

Can't remember when OXM stopped coming with demo discs but it was quite a long time ago.



Being the SEGA dude back in the golden era I spent my money buying/hiring good games... Not toilet paper magazines



Gaming magazines aren't that accessible here, unfortunately. I never had a single Nintendo Power issue.

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I used to eagerly await my monthly delivery of TOTAL magazine back in the day. They were packed with fun and interesting Nintendo info that I would read over and over again before the new issue arrived. The days before the net of course...


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