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HappyHappy wrote:

Thank You everyone for your advice. I am leaving tomorrow so any last minute advice would be good for me.

Learn to love the taste of ramen noodles and other cheap, cheap, cheap food. Oh, and 8:00 A.M classes are for suckers.

Say, where are you going to college, anyway? (just curious)

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Study hard! Don't get distracted! And enjoy yourself!

Life will be waiting on the other side, and you want to be as prepared as possible for it. Good luck.



One more thing before I forget: IF YOU EVER decide to drink alcohol, be sure to drink at least one cup of water for every cup of alcohol. This will help prevent dehydration and you more than likely won't have a bad hangover the next day. If your college requires or offers an alcohol prevention program of any sort, pay attention to it if you like partying because the program offers very helpful advice for drinking. And don't forget to use common sense!!

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Inviting your teacher over and flirting with them in order to get higher grades does not work like in The Sims 2.

Avoid inviting your teacher over and flirting with them in order to get higher grades.

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The easiest way to get higher grades is to buy your lecturer drink.

If you have a student overdraft I would advise having one bank account for the overdraft & another for rent & other costs. You can even do this with the same bank if you like. It makes life a lot easier as you'll know how much money you actually have, how much you owe & makes paying rent less complicated.



1. Shower regularly. (Don't be a dirty college kid!)

And as has already been mentioned:
2. Learn to love Ramen noodles
3. Keep a supply of condoms (AND USE THEM DAG NABBIT!)



i love ramen noodles already! .
off topic: how do you pronounce ramen noodles. rahman or raymen?We had a very long debate about that on the bus.

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@SUPERZELDAMAN: It's "rah-men" otherwise it would be spelt remen.

My advice: don't get a credit card if offered one; first time away from home without someone watching your finances it can be easy to take the "free" money and get yourself into debt before you're actually financially independent, so keep a tight rein on those finances!

As others have stated learn which classes you can skip. Profs that just print their lectures to make their readers really aren't worth listening to, just turn up to hand in your work and do more important things.

Your library should have readers and course books available to check out so take advantage of it: not only does this save money, but reading in the library focuses you on studying and means that time away from the library is your time (when you're not writing papers, that is!).

Get a part-time job on campus to give your life some structure and give you some extra pocket money.

Join some clubs, explore! Don't forget that you're there to get an education -- take courses on subjects of interest and be prepared to discover you may not want the major you intended before starting. Don't freak out about it, it's okay to find you want o study something different!

Try not to act like you know everything when you visit home -- you don't; humility is a lot more appealing than arrogance.

Have fun!

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Somebody mentioned it in an earlier post, but there is nothing wrong with community college. I did my first 2 years there and got my associates degree debt free. Now that I'm at a bigger university that's not the case anymore



If you stay away from people who smoke, bad looking guys, gay guys, and bullies, you'll be fine.
P.S. If you get a girl friend at school, you will actually WANT to go to college.

Enjoy the CHEESE of life.


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