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RR529 wrote:

Outside of my brother, no one in my family even knows I watch anime, so how am I going to explain an 8 inch high figure of an anime girl in a swimsuit, lol?

RR529 wrote:

Well, it looks like I'm not going to get that Rei figure I won on Toreba, though it's not their fault.

The Post Office tried delivering it yesterday, but for some reason my brother wasn't paying attention and failed to sign for it (he was awake before I went to work & brought in the mail before he went to work, so I'm not sure how he could have missed it. I told him I had something coming in that needed to be signed for, too), and then apparently the Post Office is expediting it's return to sender, so I can't make plans to get down to the post office to pick it up before it's returned.

Well, I think that question just got answered...

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@CanisWolfred, well, my family knew I was supposed to be getting a package, they just didn't know what it was (and, other than my brother, they're all at work when the mail comes anyways, so they wouldn't have been able to recieve it anyways, unless the post office happened to deliver it on a Wednesday or Saturday, which are their days off). My backup plan was to have one of them take me down to the post office today to pick it up (since it's Wednesday) but they have something special going on at work today & had to go in.

Anyhow, in happier news, I'm really enjoying Captain Earth. Just started it Monday and have already watched through all 9 episodes on the first disc.

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