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^maaaaan get backers was really great!!!!! I'll read the manga someday
more get backers music:
Namina no hurricane

yuragu koto nai ai(opening 1)

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CanisWolfred wrote:

I've never seen Zettai Karen Children, but I did like The Unlimited. I'm liking that song, though. Certainly better than Over The Future...

I'm going to watch Unlimited later. Over The Future was alright, but yeah this song is better. I have the link for the manga in my Light Novel Thread. Just wish people knew about this hidden gem.



Gameday wrote:

Something about the intro to this gives me a vibe. Still this anime series pretty funny if you give it a chance.

Not going to lie, I'm really liking this song.



There I'm done with this Thread. If you want to keep this Thread going, then make comments of new songs, or pick which one is your favorites, etc. Will I post new songs? The chances is not that high. Otherwise, I'm done and thank you, everyone for being in the Anime Music Thread!



Eh. Doing this for fun.

10. (Get Backers - Colored World)
9. (Ichiban Ushrio no Daimaou - Clean)
8. (Hagure Yuusha no Estetica - Ai no Sei de Nemurenai) My series.
7. (Infinite Stratos - Straight Jet)
6. (Ghost in the Shell - Rise)
5. (Eyeshield 21 - Blaze Line) "Ya-Ha!"
4. (Dream Eater Merry - Daydream Syndrome)
3. (Blood + - Colors of heart)
2. (Shadow Skill - Born Legend) Bagpipes nuff said.
1. (Zettai Karen Children - Soushufu) No, surprise.

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