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Post your anime songs that you listen to. Doesn't matter if you know it for a long time, or just heard it recently.

My favorite song. (Zettai Karen Children - Soushunfu) This has to be one of my favorite series ever! Is funny for instance, they have little parodies of Death Note, Naruto, and Hokuto no Ken, has interesting characters, and love the story. Reading the manga and currently watching the anime. I recommend start with the manga (it well start slow, but before you know it, you well not want it to end) then watch the anime second. Since I like this song, so much I'll even put the Acoustic Version. (Zettai Karen Children - Soushunfu Acoustic Verison)

Note: Go to pg. 6 to see my top 10 songs. Also, I decided to continue this Thread.

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randomlypikachu (baccano opening theme) (hisoka character song) ((kyousou requiem)) (machis character song) ((threads - cruel spider -)) (chrollo lucilfers character song) (( one thirteenth)) (soul eater opening theme 3) (inuyasha opening 4) ((grip)) (psycho-pass opening) (psycho-pass ending full)

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I can't link (on 3DS), but I like:

  • Rurouni Kenshin (opening 1)
  • InuYasha (opening 1)
  • Bleach (opening 2)
  • Bleach (opening 12)
  • Dragon Ball Z (opening 1)
  • Dragon Ball Z (Funi, "Rock the Dragon" opening)
  • Yu Yu Hakusho (opening 1)
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (all openings(


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Some of my Current favorites are: (School Rumble's opening Theme, Scramble) (OHSH Opening English, Sakura Kiss) (Black Butler Ending Theme 1, Becca I'm Alive)

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