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I got the new Game Informer today and I noticed something pretty cool. For the third time in four months, they named a Nintendo game their Game of the Month (Link Between Worlds, Mario 3D World, and now Tropical Freeze) and their pick for January was basically a necessary evil because no games released for any systems that month. As quite possibly the most notorious anti-Nintendo video game group ever (some people might say X-Play was worse, but I think the title goes to GI), has this ever happened before? Especially considering this timeframe included the busiest video game season of the year and the launch of two new consoles, this seems like quite the accomplishment.



I don't know, but that is pretty cool!

Sorry, I think the gaming journalists with the most bias towards Nintendo were GamePro. I remember they published an article on their website that said the Wii was doomed because it had too much "shovelware". This was when the Wii was only a year old...

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Notoriously anti-Nintendo? They give the Zelda games a 10/10 damn near every time.

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@Swiket That is exactly what someone wrote in a Feedback letter last issue, and they said they have only given 4 of the 20 or so Zelda games a 10. And at least every other issue they print a letter from someone claiming they are biased against Nintendo and they try to disprove that claim, so clearly a lot of other people feel that way, too or else they would simply stop printing those letters (and I'm sure they receive a lot more than they print). For me, it was official when for three years in a row they gave the Wii versions of Tiger Woods lower scores than the PS360 versions even though every other outlet (including X-Play) specified the Wii version as the best sports game of the year. But whether they are anti-Nintendo or not, it is still a pretty amazing feat.



Xyphon22 wrote:

they gave the Wii versions of Tiger Woods lower scores than the PS360 versions even though every other outlet (including X-Play) specified the Wii version as the best sports game of the year.

Did you read the reviews and compare what they say or are you only referring to the scores? It might just be that GI's reviewer is not a huge fan of motion controls, that he prefers higher-res graphics or whatever. If you didn't read it, don't jump to conclusions.

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Well, I wasn't really expecting this to devolve into a discussion on GI's biases (I know it was asking for it, but since I have seen many people on this site complain about them I guess I assumed most people thought this way as well), but since you asked, yes I did read the reviews. It was obviously a number of years ago now, but I do not recall them even mentioning the motion controls. It was basically that the grass looked prettier so they were better games. I suppose it was probably still better than what they do now which is review multi-platform games like ACIV and CoD: Ghosts and don't even mention that they are on the Wii U. Only PS4, XBone, PC, and PS360 are listed as platforms. But again, that doesn't really matter.



I wouldn't say any publication is actually anti-Nintendo, just certain people and certain articles. I think that most of the major sites will have been paid to promote stuff without telling their readership but I reckon Nintendo have probably been in the position where sites are needlessly bashing another company's games and overrating Nintendo's. It's currently fashionable to bash the Wii U so the lazy lying journalist scum will put anything in that makes them sound hip. They'll probably migrate to X1 or PS4 bashing soon.
The most strangely anti-Nintendo thing I have seen was a preview of DKC:TF last year. It was on the TV show 'The Blurb', an entertaining but not great show about games. The show itself does quite good reviews but the rest of the show is just reading from press releases and they spent most of 2013 hyping TLoU and Beyond 2 Souls on every show. I give them kudos because they hyped Aliens CM but also warned everyone that the version they played wasn't good, unlike 99% of the gaming press. When they previewed DKC:TF, they claimed they'd been invited by Retro to have a special preview. They spent half the preview questioning Nintendo's logic in releasing another platformer which I think is fair enough but then they spent the rest of their preview slamming the game's visuals, while showing a badly compressed video of the game. I've not heard a single bad thing said about the visuals so they're either the only ones with the balls to say what they think or they're just spreading anti-Nintendo lies.

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Anti-Nintendo? Have you actually read them. I haven seen whats anti-Nintendo about them, they love a good Nintendo game.



I read about 1/10 of every issue because besides the fact that Nintendo makes up 1/3 of the industry, that is all Nintendo stuff is ever talked about in their magazines (I also read Feedback and Top Ten because those are fun). And I only made that claim because I have heard many, many people complain about it so I know it's not just me. But regardless of whether they are or not, three out of four Game of the Months for any publication seems pretty good, especially when two of them are for Wii U in the midst of the hype of the other next-gen consoles (unless it's a Nintendo publication. Then three out of four would be pretty bad). That's all I really wanted to talk about.



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