Topic: Am I the youngest person here!?

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castlehominid99 wrote:

LuigiandYoshifan wrote:

I'm 11. I'll be 12 on October 10th. Am i the youngest person here?

No you are not. Sorry
I am 11 and will turn 12 on April 28, 2010

i am 12 on 8 may 2010

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Wow. Just ... oy. I felt old enough when there were a host of people here half my age, but ONE-THIRD my age?!?!?! (i'm 34)

I'm with you Corbie. Just going to start using a symbol from now on.

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hell what?! most of you guys dont even...well i don't know but you are YOUNG!well i'm 28 and that's cool!

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im 26 but look 18 .i have an iq of a hamburger. Is it bad that i still love games like princess peach?or is it just creepy?

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I'm 21 over here... 22 on October 10th ^^
soon I'll be changing my age to a Symbol too XD Maybe Ω or ϕ hmmm

I don't have much free time to play, but if anyone wants to exchange gifts on October 10th I'm in



even though i feel young now, i also feel happy that i can crush some of the older guys at games i will not mention their names because they would feel embarrassed as hell

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I thought everyone here was like 18+

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I am 18. I remember being young. Sooo many dreams. Now I realize that growing up is no fun. Except for certain things. But still, enjoy youth while you can.

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jangonov wrote:

I am 18. I remember being young. Sooo many dreams. Now I realize that growing up is no fun. Except for certain things. But still, enjoy youth while you can.

You're 18, so this is quite amusing to read. Give it a few years and you'll get over the shock and realise life isn't that bad!

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I just turned 10!



Well it doesn't matter how old you are if you like what you read and see on 'Nintendo Life' then why not!!!!!!!!




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well, so far, the youngest user award goes to cfrell.



Wowzer, SEVEN?!? I sure wasn't expecting THAT! I sure HOPE we don't see anybody younger around here, 'cause if we do, I'd have to question their parents' responsibility a bit...

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Heck, I didn't even ask, but I think I told my mom later. I doubt they care very much...



WOW SEVEN? Serious?
And SonicMaster I didnt know you were so young! I thought you were about my age around the 13's.

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I've said my age several times before.



@Sonicmaster Wow, you speak very properly for your age, with good punctuation and not many spelling mistakes, and U havent fallen into the trap of internet slang like me lol

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