Topic: Am I the only person in the world who considers all 3 major consoles equals?

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Digiki wrote:

How could three things that each differ from in each other in numerous ways possibly be equal?

That's what i meant to say, but for some reason, I typed about toast. don't ask me, i don't know



OK all 3? No not really, but PS3 and Wii, yep. I mean no offense to any one by that statement, but here's a rant shortened for your conveinence:

OK the Xbox 360 is a decent console and one I would like to own never the less, however what has prevented me from buying a 360 in the past (Yardsale aside and that hell) is the failure rate in which it is almost innevitable that something will go wrong with my console in the next five years, which is frankly very frustrating and annoying to think about on a daily basis. Especially considering I worry about anything and everything that might happen. Next up is the price of the 360. Sure you may think its cheap, but I don't. See I like wireless internet and my game room and room with router are not the same and I don't want to have wires running down my hall in order to get internet to a 360 if I had one. It would just be a mess of wires and a long one at that and with a cat that would be hell. So that $80-$100 added to my purchase. Also Xbox Live would be incredibly expensive. Thank about if you've played on Xbox Live ever since the Xbox first came out. You've spent $200 just on being a memeber of Xbox live. So that would also drive up my costs quite a bit. Finally just like the Wii I would have to buy a controller charger for each of my controllers because I hate buying batteries every few days. So in total I'm looking at about $150 more dollars added to my 360 with no games or extra controllers, wow. My Final point is while there are a few games that I would like to play on 360, theres not many to justify a 360 purchase. Here's a list of 360 Games I would Like:
Halo 3
Halo 3: ODST
Halo Reach
Halo Wars
Dead Rising
Beautiful Katamari
Fable II
Mass Effect
Gears of War
A few XBA Games.
That a very short list in my opinion and makes it really hard to justify a 360. But even with my points I still wouldn't mind owning a 360 sometime in the future. But in short I don't think all consoles are equal.



um just to clear this up by equal i didnt mean the same, i meant that all three hav faults and good things tht make them all equal in goodness? um cnt really think of a word to describe it, maybe ill get lucky nd sum1 will find the word lol

Also halo 3 odst isnt worth all the hype nd money its kinda more like a $60 expansion

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I dont think equal could be used as all the consoles had things they do particulary well and all have there own genres that they push to keep their system fresh and stand apart from eachother. SO, you do get a different experience from different consoles. Basically own all the consoles and get the best of all of it.

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In terms of quality, no. I personally think the Wii and PS3 are equal, but the Xbox 360 is far behind it. You aren't the only person who thinks all consoles are equal, but not many other people will agree with you on this, myself included.


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Maybe, but cool kids get the PC.



I think all three consoles are great. Now, I would put the PS3 and Wii above the 360, but they all have something to offer.

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Equally good? Sure, why not. Those who would spend posts trying to convince you otherwise suffer from being a dumbass, I mean fanboy.

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Super+Smash+Bros wrote:

In terms of quality, no. I personally think the Wii and PS3 are equal, but the Xbox 360 is far behind it. You aren't the only person who thinks all consoles are equal, but not many other people will agree with you on this, myself included.

How can the Xbox be far behind when the 360 and PS3 have pretty much all the same games, with the 360 getting the better version? i mean 360 and the PS3 are pretty much the same machine to most casuel gamers and that how i like to look at it.


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@Supermarioman: Consider that the the titles you've listed would result in hundreds of hours of entertainment. How much do you spend on a movie ticket and how long does it entertain you? I could easily drop 15 to 20 bucks on a night at the movies (solo) and be entertained for 2 hours. If you considered the games you've listed could last you (easily) 200 hours, then you're looking at $3,000-$4,000 worth of entertainment. A lot of people don't figure things like that, but I do. It's one of the reasons I appreciate rpg's so much. I've got over 150 hours into Fallout3 alone. Brand new, it would have cost me 60bucks. That's a pretty awesome hour:dollar ratio right there.

Does anyone invest in rechargeable BATTERIES any more? I'll buy myself a couple of packs of rechargeable AA's and a charger for far less than what all these different battery kits cost and I'd only be using ONE outlet (anywhere in the house) to charge them.

I consider the 360 to be a superior console to the three. The online experience is amazing and hands-down superior to what the PS3 has to offer. What the Wii offers in online functionality is laughable at best. People who continue to cite the 360's failure rates as their reason for not buying the console are just jumping on the uneducated bandwagon. Sure, there were problems in the beginning, but now they're pretty much resolved. I purchased my 360 about a year ago and have NEVER thought about it being defective. Never. IF something should ever happen to my xbox, then there is a THREE year warranty against the RRoD and the Code 74 (I think it's code 74). The ability to sync with my computer's media files, stream Netflix, stream internet "radio", and take part in contests and gaming events all factor into why I prefer the XBox.

In second place, I would definately place the Wii. It brings people together like no other console does/can, as long as they're all in the same room. It's VERY family friendly. I am married and have two kids, and it's always fun to be able to sit down and have a relaxing game night on the Wii, whether it's solving a puzzle in Zack & Wiki, sword fighting in Wii Sports Resort, or exercising/trying to beat each other's scores with Wii Fit. Also, I prefer it's library of downloadable games (via VC & WiiWare) to the other consoles.

The PS3 barely gets an honorable mention. imho, the PS2 > PS3. If (when?) it ever becomes backwards compatible with PS2 games, then I may purchase it as an over-priced Blu-Ray player for my bonus room. I also can't see the PS3 doing anything else that my Wii and Xbox don't already do (blu-ray aside).



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