Topic: Am i the only guy here who owns an old Standard(SD) TV?

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Don't be ashamed to not have HD. I'll admit, it looks better, but you can live perfectly fine with a standard tv. I play my wii on a standard, and watch most of my movies on HD. I just don't understand why most people can't live without HD. Or things like Metroid Prime Trilogy, remastered Star Trek: The Original Series, New Play Controls! Pikmin... The list goes on! They're all money wasters!

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I would probably have a 32" widescreen CRT still if it hadn't died. I don't find the prices that high honestly; my 42" plasma was only £699 which seemed quite reasonable when I got it two years ago and if I bought an LCD that size today it would cost even less.

To be honest if I could have bought a 32" CRT that supported component video I would have, but by the time my TV died it was wall to wall flat panels and I'd have had to mail-order a CRT; no thanks.

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Does this count?

This monitor was made to be coupled to the venerable Commodore 64 home computer. While you could connect your C64 to your home TV (a function coming back to mainstream computers only relatively recently), you realize a better display hooking up to the 1702.

The monitor produces a really high quality NTSC or PAL display, and I still use them to hook up video equipment. It only has mono audio (of course all computers were mono then), and sports front and rear video inputs; one with separate Luma and Chroma inputs for S-video (after you solder the appropriate cable of course). I also like that the monitor's neutral-ish colors (isn't as dated as a mid 80's TV should be), and the squarish shape means that you can stack 'em (which is good since they're pretty easy to find for about $2 at the thrift... um, I have quite a few).

Not only do I admire the high quality and longevity of this display, but it's also a reminder of a time when a single company could providing everything that you needed for your computing experience... and make it affordable to boot.


I have my Commodore 128 and NES hooked up to it. Perfect for playing a mean game of Duck Hunt.



I play my games on a small portable CRT tv always have and will keep doin so till it breaks not gonna buy a new tv just to play games on like some as they feel there missin out. I sadly in the camp of couldnt careless about HD i mean come on people streetfighter 4 its not that different to the old ones theres to guys on a screen beatin the crap outta each other what more you need to see. Football games for me aslong as i can see a ball 22 players and goals i dont much care if they look like the real person just wanna play game have fun what its all spose to be about surely.



I own two SD TVs that are a good few years old, but they work just fine. I'm got going to upgrade to HD for now.

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I still have a Toshiba 32" widescreen CRT and it's still a great picture for SD stuff.Only trouble is when I play my XBOX 360 the writing in games is barely readable (the PIP-Boy in Fallout 3 being a prime example ,I've memorised what everything is now ) so I've been thinking about getting a flat-screen but cannot decide whether to get a Plasma or LCD, when you research there are just too many conflicting reports/reviews that I just can't decide which one to get, let alone which make/model to buy,any suggestions/comments welcome .

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I bought a big non-HD , non-flatscreen TV last year from the money i got from my birthday, The quality is, in my opinion, better. Sure, HD's are great for gaming and watching dvd, but i never really got into the HD thing. for me, it looked all blurry and kinda messed up, i rather stick to the old tvs =)



I have an old-fashioned TV. I bought it a few years ago but it was not too expensive. Nearly all they had was flatscreen TV's. This one does fine though.

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I have one. SD TVs are completely fine for any kind of gaming. HD TVs are just another outlet for people to waste their money.

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I just got my 42" HD a while ago. The only reason I upgraded is because my 14 year old TV Died before-hand

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I bought my tv nearly 5 years ago. Its a standard tv RCA 27 inch. Its fine for me since I do not like widescreen tvs that much but I know one day when it goes out I will have no choice but to adapt and get used to the LCD tvs. No huge deal though as times always change.



A few of you brought up the point about reading text in games. Yes, most games are now optimized for HDTVs which is why the text is often too small to read.

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I have SD TV and it works and looks great. HD is awesome but don't see a big reason to buy one. at least for now.


y2josh wrote:

They have a 55 inch at wal mart for 1500. It's tempting, but I'm not completely sold on Vizio's yet. My uncle who works at wal-mart says a lot of people have troubles with them, but I've not heard any complaints first hand.

My Vizio's been working great for 2 years now.

"it displays my Wii and PS3 in good quality....thankfully.."
You could have bought a 20"-25" LCD TV for less than a PS3.
You can even buy a 32" 1080p Vizio for $650.
In the US we have a day called "Black Friday" - it's the last Friday of November, and you can buy anything (including TVs) for really cheap. I don't know if other countries have something like this, but it's a great time to make big purchases, as long as you don't mind getting up at 5 A.M. and waiting in line.



My family has more than one TV. The one in the living room is HD, and the one I have in my room is the same Sylvania TV with DVD Player and VHS Player add-ons I've had since I moved to Texas in 2002. My parents have a TV in their room, and the one in the guest room doesn't work save for watching DVDs.

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I bought a 32 inch Sharp SD TV in 2006 at Best Buy. I have video game systems that don't don't have AV's like an Atari 7800.

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HD downstairs, SD upstairs for me, I quite often take the Wii upstairs as some games look way better on the CRT.

Nothing beats HD-sourced television though. I too didn't understand what the fuss was about, until I watched HD football at my bro's.



If by standard, you mean non HD tube television, I'm in that club too. (It's so annoying watching TV and seeing bits cut out from the sides - especially subtitles)

I plan to get an LCD one eventually - hopefully one that can connect up to my laptop and record gameplay. (if that's even possible) They aren't expensive either - about £115 local money for a respectable set during one of Curry's endless sales.

It's not because I'm a sucker for all this HD hype, but because it is 10 years old, the scart socket is getting damaged and it has flower stickers all over it. (It used to be my sister's).

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