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@ThanosReXXX I can relate to that. I'm currently in marketing automation consultancy at a telco, imagine explaining that in a bar or at a birthday



@ThanosReXXX As far as one can go on the food chain from "single cell organism" to "energy based omnipotent being", as a sales and marking professional I suppose you can at least be glad to to sit one rung above lawyer?



@kkslider5552000 I mean, I'd planned on getting Starlink long before Fox came in. Fox just made it a day 1 purchase most likely, instead of waiting for the discount bin. But yeah, I don't think I've ever gone into an E3 so heavily expecting one game of a niche IP only to get something so absolutely different with the same one. That's gonna be one of the most memorable parts of this year's IMO.



@toiletduck Yeah, the thing with family and friends is, that they relate to marketing or sales in a business to consumer way, whereas I only do business to business. Back in the day, when my grandparents were still young, you had these pesky door to door salesmen with vacuum cleaners, pots and pans, encyclopaedia and what not, and these were quite hostile, simply putting their foot in the door so that people were kind of taken aback and overrun with their slippery sales pitch.

So, they and people from my parent's generation, take that memory with them, or into account when they hear the words sales & marketing. What I do, is simply offer myself for hire to any IT or tech related company, to sell or market their product to other companies that they want to have as clients or partners.

But try explaining that to the average Joe. Often leads to more questions than answers...

@NEStalgia I'm a Titan, a demi-god, for all intents and purposes. I'm FAR above lawyers, and even above our current, not really all that exalted president...

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