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I had to check it twice, but E3 is less than a 100 days away! So it's high time for our annual E3 thread!

You can dump all your predictions, speculations and thoughts here. Any leaks? Be sure to share 'em here! Any games you're looking forward to? Cyberpunk 2077? Metroid Prime 4? Will Retro Studios be at E3? Some Death Stranding gameplay? It's all possible at the only event that's getting less relevant with each subsequent year!


E3 schedule (press conferences in bold):

June 9:

  • EA – 11:00 PT, 14:00 ET, 19:00 UK, 20:00 CET, 02:00 AET (10-06 for AU)
  • EA PLAY – 14:00-20:00 PT, 23:00-05:00 CET

June 10:

  • EA PLAY – 10:00-20:00 PT, 19:00-05:00 CET
  • Xbox E3 Briefing – 13:00 PT, 16:00 ET, 21:00 UK, 22:00 CET, 06:00 AET (12-06 for AU)
  • Bethesda – 18:00 PT, 21:00 ET, 02:00 UK, 03:00 CET, 11:00 AET (11-06 for EU/AU)
  • Devolver Digital – 20:00 PT, 23:00 ET, 04:00 UK, 05:00 CET, 13:00 AET (11-06 for EU/AU)

June 11:

  • Square Enix E3 Showcase – 10:00 PT, 13:00 ET, 18:00 UK, 19:00 CET, 01:00 AET (12-06 for AU)
  • EA PLAY – 10:00-20:00 PT, 19:00-05:00 CET
  • Limited Run Games – 12:00 PT, 15:00 ET, 20:00 UK, 21:00 CET, 05:00 AET (12-06 for AU)
  • Ubisoft – 13:00 PT, 16:00 ET, 21:00 UK, 22:00 CET, 06:00 AET (12-06 for AU)
  • PC Gaming Show – 15:00 PT, 18:00 ET, 23:00 UK, 00:00 CET, 08:00 AET (12-06 for EU/AU)
  • Splatoon 2 World Championship – 15:30-18:00 PT, 00:30-03:00 (12-06 for EU/AU)
  • Sony E3 Showcase – 18:00 PT, 21:00 ET, 02:00 UK, 03:00 CET, 11:00 AET (12-06 for EU/AU)

June 12:

  • Nintendo Video Presentation – 09:00 PT, 12:00 ET, 17:00 UK, 18:00 CET, 02:00 AET (13-06 for AU)
  • Nintendo Treehouse | Live
  • Splatoon 2 World Championship – TBA
  • Super Smash Bros. Invitational (2018) – TBA

June 13:

  • Nintendo Treehouse | Live

June 14:

  • Nintendo Treehouse | Live

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This is worse than when people start XMAS in October.

It’s not even May yet, let alone June.

Anyway Half Life 3 as Vive exclusive is my only prediction.

Oh and as they made BOTW in a weird 2D NES emulator I expect a full LoZ remake on the BOTW engine.

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There will be games. Death Stranding may be a game, it's hard to tell. FFVII may also be a game, we aren't sure yet. FFXV DLC.

Oh, and Sony will trot out games we saw for two E3 shows now already still not give them a date, and have its headlines be timed exclusive DLC because of course it is yet no one cares.

And Nintendo will be there in some shape or form annoying people.

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With regard to Retro Studios I've got a vision of them being let out of the basement, cordoned off in the corner of Nintendo's E3 booth, shackled at the ankle, sitting at a desk folding cardboard, pale white, dishevelled and shouting manicly, "don't you like cardboard, we loves cardboard?!"

Anyway, it's way too early really to be discussing E3. Even the rumours haven't started yet.


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Only rumour I've heard is Diablo 3 will be an E3 Nintendo reveal. Of course, it could be sooner, who knows.

As for Retro...surely its this year? I mean everyone kept saying Prime 4 until it happened.

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Sony will win and Nintendo and Microsoft will enrage the internet as usual.

Fingers crossed for an entertaining E3. I look forward to watching it each year.

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Oh here we go~

Never take anything I say seriously. S'all you buddy. ;)
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  • Press conference focuses on indie games like last year
  • Only new 1st party game announced is Forza Horizon 4 (releases in September)
  • Ori 2 is the big holiday 2018 1st party game
  • Halo Reach (full game) and Halo 3 ODST Firefight are added to Master Chief Collection
  • Halo Spartan Strike is released for XB1 as a play anywhere game with the already existing Windows 10 version
  • Crackdown 3 releases in March 2019
  • More Minecraft news
  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider announced but isn't timed exclusive like Rise of the Tomb Raider
  • More existing 3rd party games announced to have crossplay with Switch and PC


  • Focusing on games that have already been announced but haven't released yet like Cyberpunk 2077, FFVII remake, KH3, The Last of Us 2, etc.
  • God of War gets an expansion like Horizon Zero Dawn did last year
  • CoD 2018 is the rumoured Black Ops 4 and as normal has 1 month exclusivity for DLC on PS4
  • Monster Hunter World gets an expansion which is essentially the "Ultimate" version, timed PS4 exclusivity for at least a month
  • Spyro collection announced and has 1 year timed exclusivity on PS4


  • A few Wii U ports are announced for Switch with same year release dates (Smash 4 = September, XCX = December, Wonderful 101 = August)
  • Fire Emblem, releases October 2018
  • Metroid Prime 4, releases TBA 2019
  • Bayonetta 3, releases TBA 2019
  • Project Octopath, releases August 2018
  • Yoshi, releases June or July 2018
  • Any of the January Mini Direct games not released by E3 will have a trailer
  • 3rd party games are on the light side and there's no sign of Capcom after the gigantic success of MH World (Nintendo Spotlight event is much more focused on 1st party games this time around)
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2's story DLC appears in the spotlight event
  • More details appear about the paid online service, not necessarily in the spotlight event but at least during Treehouse Live
  • Skyward Sword HD is announced along with Groose being a free playable character in Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition
  • Super Mario Maker revealed in some form, either a port or a sequel and releases November 2018
  • Maybe 1 or 2 more surprises like Luigi's Mansion 3 or Retro's game
  • There's a pre-E3 trailer for more Labo stuff so it's separate from E3

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Woo! Time for crazy speculation! Let's see... what will Nintendo pull this year? Let's start with the easy stuff...

  • Octopath Traveler will get it's final title, with a release date of August.
  • Fire Emblem will get it's final title if it hasn't been revealed by then, with a release date of December
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2 DLC
  • Wonderful 101 Port is finally announced, launches September
  • Yoshi will appear, but we'll already have a release date before E3
  • TWEWY: Final Remix gets new trailer and release date

Now for the wild speculation

  • New Super Mario Bros Switch will be the big holiday title
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon will show up with a new title.
  • NLG will show up, reviving another forgotten Nintendo property
  • New Mario & DK
  • Ubisoft will have an announcement, probably another collaboration.
  • ND Cube will reveal Mario Party 11 - cue disappointment as the car returns
  • Retro will be missing... again
  • Capcom will show up, probably for a MHGXX localization.
  • Pokeland will get a Switch port. No one will care.
  • Atlus will have a port announced, either SMT IV + Apocalypse, or TMS#FE, and use the to promote SMT V
  • Grezzo will reveal their next project, another original IP
  • Squeenix announces a new Final Fantasy spinoff for Switch

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Choo! Choo! All aboard the Hype Train! ('s never too early!)

Here's one from left-field - there's a little rumour that keeps bubbling away that Nintendo might be bringing 1080° Snowboarding back! (..which would be great news for those fearing that Steep has gone vapour! ) DREAM announcements would be for Nintendo to reveal that Pokémon Switch, Metroid Prime 4, Mario Strikers, Smash 4/5 and F-Zero are all coming in 2018 - and if Nintendo tease 'Breath of the Wild 2', it'd sure have me breathing wildly!

Realistically, I'd expect in-depth looks at a few games that we already know about - and a healthy sprinkling of surprises always, I can't wait!

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We'll probably get another decent look at kingdom hearts 3. Either to celebrate its release date announcement or to apologize for the likely delay into next year



@Grumblevolcano You think Cyberpunk is at Sony's conference? I think it will be at Microsoft's. The Witcher 2 came out on Xbox 360, but not on PS3 and Gwent got a beta on Xbox One and PC (before it got one on PS4, if it ever came to PS4 at all...). They seem to favour Microsoft over Sony, so I think it makes sense that they will reveal Cyberpunk at their conference.

Square will announce Shadow of the Tomb Raider for sure. I don't expect FFVII, because it's Square Enix. KH3 will make an appearance I think. I believe it was slated for this year, if it isn't delayed already.

I believe Sony confirmed gameplay for TLOU2, and Kojima said something about gameplay at E3 as well, so I expect another Death Stranding trailer which will make as much sense as the last three trailers! Another Ghost of Tsushima trailer is likely as well. Hopefully a gameplay demo, as I expect it'll release early next year. And some new games, I think they saved a couple of announcements from last year, which was quite bare bones when it came to reveals.

I think we can expect Pokemon, if it's coming this year, but it's also Pokemon and you never know what the Pokemon Company decides to do. I hope Retro's game will be at E3. I mean, it must be ready at some point, right? Pikmin 4 is another likely candidate, and that game alone will probably make my day. I'm not sure about Metroid Prime, maybe a short teaser, just to remind us it exists, but I don't expect an elaborate trailer or gameplay demo.

@NaviAndMii I think it would be neat if they don't let the BOTW engine go to waste and use it in a Majora's Mask like project. A game that uses the same engine, but does something completely different gameplay-wise. Make a good Zelda game this time




  • a new Fable
  • some new original IP
  • a sequel to Recore (although, thats not happening anytime soon)
  • more third parties announcements
  • The Last of Us II
  • the New Spiderman Game
  • LittleBigPlanet 4
  • a New IP
    Same with Microsoft Third Parties announcements


  • ANIMAL CROSSING PLEASE!!! (and not amiibo festival 2, i mean a Main game)
  • Smash for Wii U/3DS port (i'd be shock if we are getting a smash 5 this quick. i still find it hard believe that we are)
  • Third Parties Ports
  • new Amiibo
  • Sushi Striker (yes, im interested in this game)
  • Pokemon/Prime 4/Bayo 3 (the BIG already announced hypest games from Nintendo!)
  • F-Zero (yes, im going there)
  • Mario Party 11
  • Fire Emblem (if it's not revealed by late spring)

im creep out with thoese eyes... :P

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@Octane I think I confused Cyberpunk 2077 with a PS4 exclusive, not sure which though. Maybe Detroit?


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1. Animal Crossing for Switch
2. Re:Legend
3. Bokujou Monogatari for Switch
4. Any Cartoonish Boxing games, as long still appropriate.
5. Yonder the Cloud Catcher Chronicles

My Top 6 games :
1. Dance Dance Revolution series (100)
2. Dragon Quest Builders 2 PS4/Switch (95)
3. The Sims 4 PS4 + All contents (93)
4. Portal Knights PS4 (90)
5. Final Fantasy VIII PS1 (90)
6. Animal Crossing New Leaf: Welcome Amiibo 3DS (89)

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Animal Crossing Warriors
F-Zero Federation Force
Pokemon Amiibo Festival
Pikmin Party
And, Smash Bros 4 port

These pretzels are making me thirsty

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@Grumblevolcano Detroit: Become Human is scheduled to release on May 25. Maybe you meant Death Stranding? Days Gone? That one is coming out later this year.

Not sure when Insomniac is done with Spider-Man, but it could also come out before E3.



Since the pre-orders for Labo are going well, Nintendo will reveal their next what-on-earth?!? idea: Origami Labo! Nintendo will then reveal instructions on how to create origami animal crossing villagers, which can then be scanned using the joy-con, after which they'll appear in your village.

But seriously? As always I'm hoping for an Animal Crossing announcement, but also Smash Bros. I'll be happy with either port or new installment when it comes to Smash, though I'd prefer a new one.

Also, a new surprise IP by Nintendo would be nice. While I haven't played either Arms or Splatoon, I think Nintendo has done a nice job on their new IPs, and think they can surprise us with more.

Okami HD. I think Capcom should port it over, and bring back the Wii motion controls for the brush, but also keep traditional controls.

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Too early to really be making predictions as far as Nintendo goes honestly.

If Fire Emblem isn't finally unveiled in the spring Direct then it'll get unveiled at E3. Thinking it will be an October release.

The only prediction I'm gonna make: GTA V is announced for Switch, launches in September alongside the online service.

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@Anti-Matter So a bunch of indies and Animal Crossing? The indies you stated I'd expect announced in a Nindies Showcase before E3.



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