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In case any of you haven't noticed. This fall, on November 12 2013, a new adventure time game will be released on both the Wii U and the 3DS. What are your
thoughts and opinions about this one? Will it be better than the last game: "Hey Ice King why'd you steal our garbage" for the 3Ds? Or will it be worse? Leave a comment and discuss!

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That title is beautiful.

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Let's hope it doesn't turn into

Why Am I Playing This Game??

I Dont Know.

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well, the title alone already won me over.

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As classy as ever.

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I'm guessing Flambo is also playable?



I very much enjoyed Hey Ice King, though it felt wanting.
If this is the second outing of the same dev it should be pretty good.
Just hope its better than before.

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Looking at the new one the 3d effect could look awsome.

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I liked the first one, but I hope this one is better. Also, Cinnamon Bun is the only character I will play as, unless you can play as LSP or Tree Trunks.

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Big-Luigi wrote:

Note how Finn and Jake's house are different from the two games, and where it stands.

Both of those images are from "Hey! Ice King!". The first image is actually from the teaser trailer, and the second is from the final version of the game.


"Adventure Time creator Pendleton "Pen" Ward is still working closely with WayForward on this new project. In fact, it was Ward who both wanted both a different genre (compared to Hey Ice King!'s Zelda II style) and multiplayer.

Ward is also penning a "huge reveal" exclusive to the game, which will later tie into the show. What it is remains a mystery, one likely hidden at the bottom of the Secret Royal Dungeon's 100th floor."


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Looks good.If it's a 2D console game made by Wayforward based on a Cartoon Network show,it should be good.(cough Batman:The Brave and the Bold)

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Looks good,I might get it for Wii U.

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