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CrimsonFire13 wrote:

The new Fionna and Cake episode was cool but felt way too short.

Also in the end there is more proof of this

Lol, based on the ending though it seems they will somehow make fiona and cake real and not in the book. It could be called adventure time with Finn, Jake, Fiona, and Cake.

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The Newest episode "Vault of Bones" was a great episode
SPOILERS It was about Finn and Flame Princess going to a Dungeon.
Also the splits,Mucus throwing Chainsaw Skelotens and Winking Butts. NOT MAKING ANY OF THIS UP.SPOILERS END

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In the game,if you add salt on a milkshake it will fully restore your health and give you stars of the frozen rain!



I saw it, it was a funny episode. It had a good plot to it.

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I used to hate FinnX Flame Princess. (I was a avid FinnXPB shipper) Now I love it. They were pretty cute in Vault of Bones. The new episode was okay.

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Next Episode:
Simon and Marcy

Coming March 25


This episode hopefully shows more of the time they spent together in the apocalypse and make me show some sympathy or care in the ice king again.

It worked in I Remember You

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