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Machu wrote:

@StarBoy91: Mind over matter my lad. If you tell yourself not to freak out, then you won't. Suck it up!

@Luigidude: I assume vertigo is the sensation brought about by the fear. Everything going all funky and legs going all wobbly. Dunno, you've made me wanna find out now.......

EDIT: Yeah, vertigo is the effects of said fear. Dizzy, whirly, spinny, woohoo! Sounds like a buzz.

@Machu Cheers Dude.
@GWH yes it is a great movie

What's this bit for again?


Oh, I thought you were referring to this vertigo.
My bad!

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I have a big fear of heights myself. Out of all my fears, this is one of the few I can't conquer. I just get (usually slightly) freaked whenever I look down from high up and I get this chill down my spine. I'm always afraid that I'll fall. It usually helps If I'm not near a window and can't see all the way down to the bottom.

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Do planes count? I hate them with a passion
I won't get on a plane unless I had to. What's worse is that my dad's a pilot. He spends most of the day looking for a new plane to buy
I really hate it when the plane descends, though. When I hear those engines slow down, I get sweaty, my heart pumps, and I grab hold of the arms of my chair as quickly as I can.
I guess that makes me more afraid of falling then heights

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I could never get on a plane. If God wanted me to fly he would have given me wings . But, a lot of people like it but not me.



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