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I don't know about you but I am obsessed with the show. Every episode has been awesome.
Can't wait to see the upcoming episode with Mark's daughter. She says if she tells what she saw something bad will happen. Good to know that she will be alive in 6 months. It would be horrible to have here die.
Do you think that the flashforwards will come true? Yes? No? Some of them? Did D. Gibbons help cause the blackout. Will Mark shoot Dimetre? Is Al really dead? Lets talk about the show and put some ideas up.
Spoilers are allowed but the words "Spoiler Alert" must be up.

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Flashforward is pretty good, but LOST swallows it up so much that it seems like it doesn't exist. I'd recommend the show to anyone who has had brain trauma trying to figure out the LOST puzzle.

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