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Just did a quick check and it turns out that I joined here August 2011.
Honestly thought I joined later than that.
Mostly just lurk and read it for news and stuff.

Oh, 'Happy NL-versary' SomeBitTripFan, and others. ( ' ')b



I've been on here for nearly four years, so beat THAT!

Oh wait, I forgot that Brooks83 and Objection have been on here even longer than me. But still...

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I think it'll be my third year visiting this site on June 7th.

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It's my first NL-versary in two days, now. I didn't even realise how fast that flew.

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It's been a year since I've been browsing this site! I still remember back to the bright old days when I got a 3DS and was lured by NintendoLife's impressive reviews of basically every game released on eShop. And now a year later, I feel that NL is one of the best places on the internet to hang out, and I gotta give my thanks to you guys!

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I remember not being able to find VC-Reviews or WiiWareWorld when I typed it in because by then it had merged to become Nintendo Life. Took me awhile to figure that out. Not long after I joined.

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Knux wrote:

I've been on here for nearly four years, so beat THAT!

It says you joined in 2008. lol

How did NintendoLife screw that up?

Just for you.
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