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No one likely knows, but it's been about a year since I first joined NL. Thanks! I've enjoyed it a lot. I changed my avatar and signature to my first one (besides the no avatar smile) to commemorate the event . I can't believe how much this place has changed. Back when James was here, the page layout still had the tabs, and avatars were tiny. Almost fells like 3 years have gone by. This is a thread for anyone celebrating a year, or more since they joined. Possibly talk about when they joined.

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I was an idiot when I joined.

...I probably still am.
ANYWAYS, during my first year on NintendoLife, I was obnoxious and ruined QOTY for everyone.
I eventually left because
And then I came back like a month or two later because games, and I found out I hated my past self.

Also I said I liked Kirby Air Ride. A lot.

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I've been here since it was called vc-reviews.



I joined Dec 30, 2011, so I've been here just over a year as well (although I didn't start frequenting until maybe last spring or summer).

Hard to believe it's been so long already.


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Well I been working here for some time now,
I hope I made many of you cry, smile, laugh, took away some confusion that I gave,
gave many purrfect memories to this place and for those of you who don't remember... I regret nothing! ...cause that pipe fell on your head! I was just there,
theres a place for everyone here except for the none acceptables which go to m..e... ... so anyways survivors spend tonight partying honoring your accomplishment~
congrats on surviving...this long I should do something about that.

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It's actually only less then a week after the anniversary when I joined NL last year. I remember when I first started I constantly changed my avatar to various prehistoric creatures. I then would pretend to eat all the annoying MLP avatars. Ah, that was fun while it lasted...


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Another 6 days until it was a year I joined, it was a fearful friendly year and of course I will be staying...the fear and darkness continues.

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Happy NintendoLifeaversary, SomeBitTripFan

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Happy NLifeaverrsary, BitTrip!

Yeah, I was pretty much an idiot when I first joined. I'm trying to not be that way anymore, and I hope I'm doing okay at that, haha. Now I remember when I used to hate Sony, but then thanks to the wonderful people here I realized I was quite incorrect, and now I hug my PS2 every morning. Anyways, I actually can't believe my anniversary is nearing two years, as I joined in May 2011, and it seriously doesn't feel that long.

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im going to be here for 3 years next month, it went fast for me because i enjoy being here. i support the staff 100%.
ive met some people here that i think are cool, shared some retro knowledge, told some folks my personal business, bought nl shirts, the nintendo force magazine, and actually got to know some people on here, thoughtful they are, and i have no motive to leave.

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I've been here 3 1/2 years. Been a great site overall (including the other sites in the family, PushSquare and Kinectaku). Fantastic mods/admin. Great articles and reviews. Sadly the (general) user base has been slowly pushing me away with their craziness and even some of the veterans are going off the deep end.



I cannot believe it been three years since I join NL, I still feels like I just join yesterday. I think we should take a moment of silence for the users who have been ban over the years since I join.
I only wanted to start a little bit of friendly chaos.
This is the most fitting song for this day

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I have been here 362 days. On the 18th will be my, er, 1st Birthday I guess, if my Life spans 1 year on that day.

Anyhow, over the year I've had a lot of fun, made some friends, and played a TON of online KIU matches. I guess I could say thanks Nintendo Life for making this year so great!

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