Topic: A toast to the NL staff! :)

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I love toast! Wait, there's no toast? Awwww...

But in all seriousness, love ya TBD!

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TBD is a GIRL?!?!?!

Nah, but seriously, thanks for all your hard work theblackdragon.

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Happy_Mask wrote:


That picture is great ha ha! Not sure if I would eat the bread after that though...might get a hairball......

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I don't know how this site is so calm, but I like it.

(Though this should also be dedicated to the main people too, like Drake, Dazza and Ant, TBD is not a major staff member of the articles, so she's not the only good one!)

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Thank you TBD for all your hard work!

Here's to hoping you write something for the main site one day. (Unless I missed something...)

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A toast to TBD! I am glad we can keep such an awesome community in our forums.

@TBD: Did you see me as somewhat irritating when I was newer and creating similar threads to existing ones or a newbie learning the ropes?

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@SomeBitTripFan she made a thread called ask theblackdragon, where you can ask her almost anything. :3

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A toast to monacles! a toast to bannination! and most of all a toast to tbd!!!


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Reala wrote:

A toast to monacles! a toast to bannination! and most of all a toast to tbd!!!


image in no way represents a desire to ban all fox users honest

Note to self: Suspect any and all anthropomorphic toast.

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Hmm, in hindsight I probably should have said "a thank you" instead of "a toast" but then again some toast with honey and strawberry jam sound really good right now...

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We should have a TBD day. She does a great job at whatever she's doing. Though for the past year I thought TBD was a guy. Thank you for your great service.


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What a nice thread

TBD deserves a huge amount of credit, she does amazing work for the community and site as a whole.

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little late on this but yeah, tbd does a good job here, if not for tbd could you imagine all the extra ruckus that would happen here?
life is short and i think its important to let people know they are appreciated.

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