Topic: A question for the reviewing team.

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Sean+Aaron wrote:

I did not pay for Karate Phants, but I don't think that was a bonus.

Sean, that's downright sig worthy.




Corbie wrote:

As I said, put your reviews everywhere you can. That's how someone found me years ago. Happened to see some stuff around the internet and hired me on. And then it's just working your way around until you find the situation that you like and works best for you. Only took me about 8 years, but I found a great gig.

I actually got offered a job last month at some site called Hooked Gamer because someone who worked there read a couple user-reviews I did for Gamespot and really liked them. I turned it down because I have school still and it wasn't a paid job. And the site was a little weird (sorry if anyone here works there ). But it was pretty cool anyway.

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