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Yo ho, yo ho, a nintendolife for me
there's wii and ds and virtual console and even retro
and the forums alive with a ton of teen guys
log in my gamernerds yo ho!

yo ho yo ho a nintendolife for me
They have interviews, news, and good reviews and the updates come in a slew
King-jim-hoff at corbie he did scoff and we all said,
"daz will come and ban you!"

yo ho yo ho a nintendolife for me
theres the ware for wii which is the ware for me
and thats what to only seem to write about at all
and all these stupid ads, the site they do maul!

yo ho yo ho a nintendolife for me
the shield bearers control things on the site with their all-powerful-power
but the hookadikkas a bigger honor
yes i would say this site is sweeter than sour (i couldnt think of any rhyme!!!)

yoho yoho a nintendo life for me...

OKAY you might be wondering what the heck that was, let me just say, i am really bored...

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You're either completely mad or a genius, but I'm not hanging around to find out.



doesnt work quite right, need to slur words for smoother verses :: pretty "neat" i guess

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See you in anotha life, brotha.


briunj04 - do you have a PC microphone? I'd love to have that recorded for the next podcast!


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@briunj04: Bravo! Encore!

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LOL, did you have one too many?



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