Topic: A new low: Capcom tacitly condoning sexual harassment?

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business ethics need, i suppose, to be given a looser rein at times

I don't think you understand what I was saying: Business ethics are not human ethics. There is an entirely different code of ethics that applies to businesses that are quite alien to individual people. It's not a "looser" version of human ethics, it's an entirely different rulebook. That's why we have these controversies happen: people keep expecting businesses to conform to human values, and then get surprised/ upset/ take it personally when they don't.

you're attempting to exonerate them for their lack of action by attempting to pass this off as a sound business decision. you may as well be defending what happened, IMO, because you're trying to put them in the right on some level for not having done a damn thing to stop what went on, which is absolutely abhorrent.

You're taking this very personally. Understandable, but no need to be nasty about it and suggest I'm things I'm not.

Let's make a very clear summary of what I'm actually saying - and please note that there is no opinion in this, this is fact: Capcom, in sponsoring an event, has not supported this man's comments any more than you or I have for watching the video. A sponsor is an observer and a supporter of the event itself; and is not responsible for what goes on at the event. You and I watched the video, so we're observers, and I know I support the idea of a fighting game competition.

Now if you want to keep blaming Capcom personally for the actions of an unaffiliated individual, then that's your right, and please do refuse to purchase any Capcom games in the future - that is the most powerful protest that an individual has when dealing with corporations.

That said I've now explained as clearly as possible what a sponsorhip actually means, and what a sponsor's roles and responsibilities are. I've already pointed out that on a personal level I would love to castrate the moron and really wouldn't mind if he then bled to death - the world is better off without him - so I would appreciate it if you could stop with the emotionally-driven personal attack, please. I find the very idea of being associated with that d-bag's opinions repulsive.

Edit - and if it does emerge that Capcom was running the event or in any way actively condoned what went on, then (as I've already said) I will join you in a Capcom boycott, because that is completely unethical.

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ChocoGoldfish wrote:

You're taking this very personally. Understandable, but no need to be nasty about it and suggest I'm things I'm not.

This is what concerns me the most here. You're a mod, TBD, and this is quite unlike you. Bad show, bad show...

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GundamMac wrote:

ChocoGoldfish wrote:

You're taking this very personally. Understandable, but no need to be nasty about it and suggest I'm things I'm not.

This is what concerns me the most here. You're a mod, TBD, and this is quite unlike you. Bad show, bad show...

That's it. I'm either going to have a coronary or start banning people if I don't get out of this topic, and so I wash my hands of it.

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This is what happens when you put the stereotypical basement-dweller type gamer near a female. Seriously how can you talk to girls properly when you look a freakin' viking. What really bothers me though, is that he recently released a statement but didn't even apologize to Miranda for all those crass remarks, only for the speech he made.

And by the way people, Capcom does not sponsor the show, they produce it, which makes things even worse.

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I think people are taking this a little too seriously. Has anyone here watched the show in it's entirety (from start to present), or are you just following each other and having an article skew your opinion...?

Also, I still don't see how Capcom is fully responsible. People are still salty about Capcom canceling MML3. Don't deny it. Proof is in the pudding.



There's no place for people acting and talking this way, I don't care what the situation is. As I said, you wanna talk smack, do it with your gaming skills, not cheap talk. I don't mind a bit of arrogance, but this situation was taking things WAY too far and Capcom should have stepped in and they instead chose to give the safe and a bit too typical "The views expressed in this tournament are not the express views of Capcom blah blah blah."

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No, I'm the official "don't take stuff seriously yo" guy and I don't need to be female to know this guy is a worthless human being and Capcom's actions are extremely questionable at best.

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Three things:
1. Don't like what Capcom is doing or involved with? Vote with your wallets and purses. Send them an e-mail telling them such. Be respectful: There's no need to stoop, despite how good it might feel.

2. I tell my 8 year old daughter that ALL boys are jerks. ALL OF THEM. That's all she needs to know about boys. As she grows up, I'll make sure I'll clearly define the difference between men and boys (hint: it's not just the price of our toys. )

3. I'm sure the whole internet knows who this guy is already. Where is the massive internet outrage and why isn't it directed at him PERSONALLY. I've seen random individuals do crazy things, like that game company rep and his horrible customer service, and they end up paying the price by pretty much the whole internet. Has that happened yet? Genuine question, since I'm not really following any of this.



This guy should step down as the coach.



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