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I know that Christmas was only yesterday, but this song is just unbelievably good! Even if you liked this 3D Robert Zemeckis adaptation of the novel or not, you have to agree that Bocelli's song in the credits sequence sounds amazing!

Disney's A Christmas Carol, "God Bless Us Everyone" by Andrea Bocelli

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'Taking You Higher' (Mixed by Rameses B)

'Infinite Elation' (Mixed by Aaron Static)

The annual Christmas break has given me time to indulge myself in listening to huge mixes, and these two are at the top of my favorites.

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bezerker99 wrote:

Some dude named Shawn Lewis doing a great cover of "Billy Jean" by MJ

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That's simply wonderful zerks. MJ is the greatest!

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This is an amazing album, you need to get it now. Available on Fat Possum Records website on vinyl record, CD, and mp3.

Melody's Echo Chamber - I Follow You

Melody's Echo Chamber - You Won't Be Missing That Part Of Me

In other amazing music...

Les Miserables (musical) - Empty Chairs at Empty Tables

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a song from Ni No Kuni ("Kokoro no Kakera") on the PS3, and i suddenly wish i had a PS3 D;

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