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The Black Crowes- The Girl From a Pawnshop

One of my favorite crowes songs.

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I went to see Rush at a concert, it was pretty sweet.

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Saw these guys open up for Slash the other new favorite band. Kind of a mix between Queen, Meat Loaf, Led Zepplin, but more modern and with soul. It's just amazing. Greatest live band ever too.

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Our last night
The devil wears prada
Hopes die last
Breaking benjamin
Linkin park
Like an oceans tide
Circa survive
Led zeppelin
Of machines
Yeah I listen to a lot of Rock.

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@MrWalkieTalki, I love Passion Pit!

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Liking the new Death Grips album leaked by the band today. I have no clue why though; I usually hate rap. Also, I'm not gonna post it here since it's practically the definition of NSFW and I'd probably get permabanned immediately.

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[youtube:yYDmaexVHic] rhinestone eyes-gorillaz
my favorite song... EVER... you'd know if you listened to this, trust me, im a physician


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Mucka Blucka! If you watched "The Good Wife" the other night, you know what's coming. So full of win!!!
(Here's a better version w/visuals )

Also, maybe my favorite song of all-time, Enjoy the Silence, by Depeche Mode! Back when music was good.

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Zedd just released his new album today. It's really awesome and Clarity is the iTunes single of the week so it's free.

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