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So good GaoGaiGar music:

Yuusha Ou Tanjou (first part)

Saikyo Yuusha Robo Gundan

Beautiful Wings of Light

Kaze no Naka no Hana no You ni

Itsuku Hoshi no Umi de

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Aviator wrote:

@shingi What are your thoughts on MDNA?

The dance beats are just right and there's a lot of variety of styles. The best part is defenitely the powerfull lyrics that most songs have. It isn't perfect like the questionable "B-Day Song" and the colaborations with Nicki Minaj D: ,but overall a excellent pop album. I'll leave my two favorite tracks bellow, "Love Spent" and "Masterpiece".

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I loves me some video game music! I listen to it about 95% of the time.
Anywho, here are just some of the songs that I like from one of my favorite soundtracks, Granado Espada Original Soundtrack, and my favorite VGM group, SoundTeMP:

S.F.A. - Agujero Inmundo - Granado Espada Original Soundtrack

Kim Junsung & SoundTeMP - A Witch on a Diet - Granado Espada Original Soundtrack

Osamu Kubota - Die Fuge - Granado Espada Original Soundtrack

SoundTeMP - Notorious 1380 - Granado Espada Original Soundtrack

SoundTeMP - Nangman Trance - Granado Espada Original Soundtrack

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The original song is OK, but I much prefer this rendition by Belgian band Triggerfinger

Triggerfinger - I Follow Rivers

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Not anime music this time:

I remember I used to think this was the greatest song ever....

Positive Contact

El Manana

One More Time
This was probably already posted 3 times already, but I don't care, I love this song.

Through The Fire and the Flames

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Anything by Blondie,I'm all over it.

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