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Interstellar 5555 is probably my most prized DVD, and the one thing that I force upon people who haven't seen it. It cost them millions of their own money to make, and considering the music was finished long before they even started planning the movie, it amazes me how well the whole thing works. There isn't any script, no spoken words, just music, and a story that unfolds before your eyes. I love it, and have always hoped other bands would attempt to make similar album/movies.

I love Da Punk, can't wait to see them again.

@Aviator: You don't get it do you. I think she's awful, and the more I watch of her, the more that feeling grows. OK.

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I haven't had the chance to see Daft Punk live yet I want to see them I think they do another tour soon... I'd even go to France for the concert.

Probably getting a Vita with LBP soon...


I know, but int he first minute of the video, they strip her down, then you hear them say I told you she didn't have a d***.

In a way exhausting
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@Aviator: Each to their own (ya freak). I like a lot of things you would mock, stuff happens.

@Roopa: I've seen 'em twice and it's pretty special. I have NEVER experienced bass like that. I hope you get to see them sometime too.



Oh no, Lady Gaga. I'm gonna have to find me something real good to counteract with that garbage.

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There is a Lack of She & Him in this thread


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tambourine+man wrote:

Just got a couple of White Stripes albums a few weeks ago, really enjoying their stuff. They're a very unique band with their stripped down, raw sound and great riffs. I'd definately reccomend listening to some.

dunno how to embed

How do you like the dead weather?


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Here's something none of you have heard. And it's great
Some friends of mine released an album last year, and this the best song from that album. They're on Spotify too

And here's something by some other friends, but this song you might have heard before
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Edit: Lol just saw myself in the the last video

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Some Phineas & Ferb


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shingi_70 wrote:

tambourine+man wrote:


How do you like the dead weather?

I've been listening to their first album for a couple of days on spotify, they're a good band although a little dark. I enjoyed 60 Feet Tall, I Cut Like A Buffalo (really cool reggae-ish twist), Hang You From The Heavens, Treat Me Like Your Mother and Rocking Horse the most from that album. I'll definately keep an eye on them.



Hello, tambourine man. Long time no see.

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80s Music:

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I liked "Friends On The Other Side".


I've been looking into a lot of different stuff lately, in particular some independent (or obscure) artists and bands but I'm not limiting myself to just them. In particular, Adam Young's (Of Owl City Fame) other side projects like Port Blue and Seagull Orchestra as well as other stuff Swimming With Dolphins, Paper Aeroplanes, Dan Bull as well as some more established artists like AFI, Trash Can Sinatras Cauterize and DHT. I need a fresh look at music, so I'm looking more into different artists and looking more and more at the Independent music scene.

Here's a video of a song by Paper Aeroplanes, "Lost"

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I just watched interstellar 5555
Enjoyed but not my favorite music

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Two words, Surfing Bird.

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