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The kabeedies - eyes

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Hey !! I made this cover of Mario Odyssey if you wanna listen ! [removed]


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@Solea - My friend, good to talk to you again. I think that tuning is just called The Fred, but you have to have a bee’s nest in your guitar, a fever in your blood, and the devil inside for it to sound right. Amazing how those old timers could tell you their life’s story in a single song. Gotta admit, I didn’t know proper forum ettiquette when I made my music thread, I didn’t even search for another music thread before I made it. Lucky it didn’t get locked immediately. I’m wiser now, and that thread is dead. That’s fine. I’ll chat with you here. Glad you’re back.

Edit - Forgot the most important part. Interesting that you say his guitar rhymes with his vocals because Fred himself said that he used his guitar as a “voice”. In his exact words, he said, “I make the guitar say what I’m saying”, and “I make my guitar sing”. It’s true too. I think slide guitar masters leave their strings real loose to bend the notes and make them cry. When he plucks the deep strings for the rhythm, they just bounce off the fret repeatedly like a jackhammer. It’s kind of my favorite part of his sound. And John Hurt, I’m not even sure he was a human being. He might have been some kind of ancient muse disguised as a human/tortoise hybrid.

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@Solea - Wow, cool song. I was previously unfamiliar with this band, but the more I’ve read about and listened to them since you made me aware, the more I realize I need to get familiar with them. Thanks.


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I didn't expect My Little Pony musics can be so Awesome in Eurobeat remix.
Yeah, it's 90's party time !

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Since playing Ys III, I've become completely enamored with its soundtrack.

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I love summer time, it's when all the bands and festivals are on. In the past month I've seen Foo Fighters with Frank Carter, Queens of The Stone Age with Iggy Pop + Run The Jewels + The Hives, Jack White, RUN DMC and Camden Rocks Festival and I've got tixs for Regrettes, Dwarves and White Denim in the next few weeks

Nicolai wrote:

Alright, I gotta stop getting into arguments with jump. Someone remind me next time.

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Dunno if there are synthlovers here but MY GODDDDDD, I have that song(made in 2016 but sounds like an 80's massive HIT) on repeat when I work on my game... That's just insanely well done !

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@Solea No.

To be honest, I don't think I've ever deliberately sat down and listened to a Prince song. I've definitely heard some on the radio, but that's about it.

I do like Michael Jackson's work, though.

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Greatness from the 90's ! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are AWESOME

PS : Ya Kid K is the singer of Technotronic (Euro 90's Bombastic band)



When HOUSE MUSIC meant something
I suppose that Yuzo Koshiro ripped some stuffs here like he did with Technotronic.



This week I discovered Boards Of Canada, 20 years too late.

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Found out about Denez Prigent and the Breton language after watching the great movie Black Hawk Down, which features the amazing song "Gortoz a Ran".

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In case you'd like to know, it means " I'm waiting " in English. ^^



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