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All American Rejects: Night Drive

"I'll take a potato chip... AND EAT IT!"
Light Yagami, Death Note
"Ah, the Breakfast Club soundtrack! I can't wait 'til I'm old enough to feel ways about stuff!"
Phillip J. Fry, Futurama


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sanic hegehog qwikeest hegehog aroond gotteeh goh fest.
2x spead 4 ulteemaet f45t.
No, @Squid, Shadough iz not f45test.

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christian hansen and the autistics - you, him and us

NNID: Dr_Dizzy
I`ve been a slave from the cradle to the grave.


When looking at all those posts, I realize how few reals songs I actually listen to. I'm almost entirey listening to game soundtracks. But okay, I got some.


GLANERYUS - Shriek of the Vengeance

<insert title of hyped game here>

Check some instrumental Metal: CROW'SCLAW | IRON ATTACK! | warinside/BLANKFIELD | Jonny Atma/GaMetal


Xenoblade X: Suvvya (RANGE/DMG/TP)

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