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The Roots have a new album coming out next week. If you don't know who they are, you might know them as the band that plays for Jimmy Fallon. IMO, they're one of the most consistent groups in the music industry.



Any recommendations for good Post-Grunge bands? I'm a big fan of Seether, Three Days Grace, Bush, and Breaking Benjamin.

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"I Cannot Think" by Outlines:

The Bass Guitar in this song is hella amazing. I have a lot of admiration for Bass players.
It kicks in at around 1:29, and boy, is it awesome.

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This is a song every person needs to hear, and it's horribly underexposed. They didn't even release it as a single. I'd say it rivals Eminem's Stan on the levels of emotional power it conveys.

Seether-Love Her

Also for those who are interested in music on traditional instruments, the tempo is quarter=48, common time. Key: D Minor. The harmony is D-E-F-D-D-C-D-A-D. This is just from fooling around and experimenting, so let me know if you are interested.

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"Denim And Leather" by Saxon

"Dread And The Fugitive Mind" by Megadeth
"The Magician" by Bruce Dickinson
"Subdivisions" by Rush
"Good Times" by Eric Burdon & The Animals
"Instant Crush" by Daft Punk
"Mountain Song" by Jane's Addiction
"27" by Passenger
"Becoming More Like Alfie" by The Divine Comedy
"As We Speak" by Soilwork
"This Day We Fight!" by Megadeth
"The Necromancer" by Rush
"Lookin' Out My Back Door" by Creedence Clearwater Revival
"Combat Baby" by Metric
"Like The Average Stalker" by Soilwork
"Beyond The Realms Of Death" by Judas Priest

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