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Thundercat released a new track dedicated to late Nintendo President earlier today, "Bowzer's Ballad". Check it out here, because it's pretty incredible.

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"It's a good feeling just bringing out old friends. On bass: Billy Box. On drums: Mr. Buddy Miles. On guitar and vocals: Mr. Jimmy Hendrix. Yes, they are the Band of Gypsys."

"Stone Free" by Jimmy Hendrix / Band of Gypsys, live at the Fillmore East, New Years Eve 1969.

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This is like the best song in music history, in my opinion. "Life on Mars?" by David Bowie:

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I just love Bowie's music, and this is my no.1 out of all his works. Got a tattoo on my arm which says "Is there life on Mars?" 'Nuf said.

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One of my favorite songs from my favorite band

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