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Just saw Miley's newest video boy that s**t escalated quickly. I just look at that video and i think was this the same Hannah Montanna my niece used to love?

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Johnny Cash- Man In Black with Introduction (performance from 1971 on The Johnny Cash Show)

Hank Jr.- Can't You See and then talks briefly with Ralph Emory about his mountain climbing accident(performance from 1976 on Pop Goes the Country)

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  • Bloody Stream(opening 2 of Jojo's Bizarre adventure)
  • Forevermore - Whitesnake
  • Roundabout - Yes(opening 1 of Jojo's Bizarre adventure)
  • A New Saga Begins Rhapsody of Fire
  • in the presence of - Yes

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Thundercat released a new track dedicated to late Nintendo President earlier today, "Bowzer's Ballad". Check it out here, because it's pretty incredible.

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