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I really can stop listening to vidya soundtracks at the moment.
It started with Ni No Kuni earlier this year:

Then the battle themes from Fire Emblem Awakening:

Now I'm on to the The Last Story OST. I haven't even started playing the game yet, got it through the post this morning, popped the CD into my PC and ripped it to iTunes. Fell in love with track 4 straight away.

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Sigur Rós's new album is shaping up to be epic.


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No problem! I love musical covers of video game themes. Especially guitar ones because they're all so nice sounding~

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Does any one listen to Tenacious D?

Metallica shall always have a place in my heart Mega brony! Rarity is best pony.
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For fans of the original Animal Crossing game on the Gamecube, this will be a nice throwback~

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An orchestral rendition of the original 1 PM theme

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deku palace was one of my favorite themes from Majoras Mask, but this is just amazing. sounds a bit like a march.


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creative videoclips <3 I wish they would show this on tv...

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Came across this on my recommended list

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I had forgotten what an amazingly written song that is. Good lord that woman is talented. I wish there were more singers like this today I actually respected.

Everything about this is perfect.

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