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No problem! I love musical covers of video game themes. Especially guitar ones because they're all so nice sounding~

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Does any one listen to Tenacious D?

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For fans of the original Animal Crossing game on the Gamecube, this will be a nice throwback~

An orchestral rendition of the original 1 PM theme

yoshi's disco
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deku palace was one of my favorite themes from Majoras Mask, but this is just amazing. sounds a bit like a march.


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"Stairway To Heaven" cover of Led Zeppelin song by the Lincoln Center (Kennedy Center Awards).

The drummer is the son of the drummer from LZ....very awesome version of this song, you really should PLAY IT LOUD.

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creative videoclips <3 I wish they would show this on tv...

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Came across this on my recommended list

I had forgotten what an amazingly written song that is. Good lord that woman is talented. I wish there were more singers like this today I actually respected.

Everything about this is perfect.

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