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I actually don't mind "fun." I certainly never turned off the radio if "We Are Young" or "Some Nights" came on. I'm a very avid listener to both modern and older music and I'm open to most anything. As long as a song isn't bad enough for me to want to turn off the radio, I can usually find something to like about it. By no means do I put someone like Taylor Swift in the same category as Stevie Nicks, but I'll still sing along in my head if I hear "Trouble".

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Speaking of awards these guys won the award for Best album of the year in Prog magazine.

Most rock fans I have heard, and I agree, that this was the year Kevin Parker and Tame Impala took off for real.

There really is a lot of good music today if you look at the right magazines and use stuff like It really is sad how mainstream music has fallen since around the beginning of the 2000s. I honestly don't know what happened...

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^ I remember really liking that song back when it was on the radio. A nice, creepy, holloween-ish song, at least in terms of the lyrics. The Music video was well-done, too. I think the lyrics clash a little with the general sound of the song, though. Without the lyrics, it kinda sounds happy, or at least pleasant. I kinda wish they had gone for a creepy or disturbing tune as well as creepy, disturbing lyrics. I really like creepy songs...

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CanisWolfred - YYY's upcoming album, Mosquito, should fit the bill for creepy. According to Karen O, it's incredibly lo-fi, and this cover art:
Yeah, April 16th will probably be one of those days.

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It's a pretty catchy tune!
(Hmm... can't get the link to work. Oh well, just Copy n' Paste.)

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