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tl;dr but even if Sony had motion controls as an idea in 2004, there is no way it would have been taken 1/10 as seriously by Sony before the Wii's huge success. Otherwise, at best it would have been one of the typical gimmick ideas from the big 3 (see: Powerglove, Donkey Kongo, that stupid notKinect camera thing they had for PS2) that's thrown out there for lulz without any thought of making it a focus of the entire console. This is all because they aren't idiots. They are smart people who make money (Ps3 launch aside). I don't mind Move's existance but I would have preferred they were more subtle about influences or at least weren't pretending to be super new and innovative at the exact same time when absolutely no one was buying that for a second (it's really just the next logical step from Wiimotes). I mean, I think Kinect is 5-10 years too early to live up to potential but at least it's different than the most obvious and often compared competitor.

also this thread will fail quickly because of both fanboys and unironic anti-fanboy fanboys already predicting this thread's failure. Seriously, I'm not sure what the point is...

Edit: Also, I'm not sure what is worse, denial that Wii's popularity had nothing to do with Move or denial that Skyrim doesn't have problems. Move wouldn't have been made into such a big deal before then, get over it. Skyrim is awesome but has a ton of problems, get over it.

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This isn't a Sony-bashing thread. This is a Nintendo-bashing thread.
You guys can see this can't you?
All of the Sony fanboys (that for some reason have an account on NintendoLife) are flying to their keyboards to defend Sony by saying they aren't copying, but "improving" or "giving Nintendo some competition."
All I have to ask is this: If Sony isn't copying Nintendo, and yes I mean copying (especially with PlayStation All-Stars), how come they didn't come out with their ideas BEFORE Nintendo did? And when I say come out, I mean MAKE POPULAR, INNOVATE UPON, and the like.
Sony had the Move idea before the Wii came out, but they didn't innovate on the tech and just let it gather dust while the Wii shined.
If Sony made All-Stars the way it was INTENTIONALLY, why couldn't they have at least officially credited Smash Bros.?
And as for the whole "Well, certain genres have the same ______, so what did you expect..." argument, they didn't HAVE to make it like that. They could have done it with a different style field like in God of War/Dante's Inferno. They could have still made it a fighter that didn't look exactly like Smash Bros. is what I'm trying to say.

Bottom line though, if Sony is so original, how come THEY have done more copying (or, hang on) "similar things" from the other companies than Nintendo and Microsoft combined?

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kyuubikid213 wrote:

that for some reason have an account on NintendoLife

I didn't know I had to put Nintendo on a pedestal to join this site.


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