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No, I don't expect there to be any ... yet. However, the web browser on the 3DS gives access to the 3DS controls as well, through the use of Javascript. I was considering starting a gym like club and started thinking about how to write the website. I have always developed sites for use on computers, nothing mobile, but this time I would write it mobile compatible so it could be accessed through the 3DS. But I don't just write websites, I write forum sites, and have contributed a helping hand to many forum site admins for things like modules, hooks, etc.

If I did create forum software that had a 3DS alternative layout, would anyone else be interested in having access to such a thing on here? Before I get any nay-sayers who ask "how would that work" just think about how game menus work, something like that for quick access to things you use a lot on forum menus, normally found at the top of the forum. Also modifier keys for multilayered menus instead of scrunching it all up to fit, using the left and right keys. Any thoughts on this matter will be appreciated, design layout ideas would be helpful, but mostly if there is an interest.

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Sounds amazing to me... :O

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