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I do not have any current Nintendo devices and was wondering if I should invest in a 3DS, which both me and my sister could use or a WiiU, which is more expensive and would be only for me.



I'd say a 3DS is a better choice of the two, and definitely cheaper - but why would the Wii U only be for you? Accessibility?

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Well 3DS has more games so i would go for that.



As of now I'd go with 3DS. There are so many discounted gems at the moment you can entertain yourself for months for the price of a Wii U alone.

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3DS is cheaper, has a more established library, and is portable. Wii U is more expensive, has less games, and is stuck at home but has a big screen. Uh-oh, I meant for it to be a tie so I could say it's all up to you.

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Home consoles all the way so, Wii U.

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Honestly, the 3DS just has more games for it. I'm sure the Wii U will eventually pay off, but if you have to make a decision right now I would strongly recommend the 3DS.

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What other systems do you have?

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@Jaz007 I have a Wii (broken), a DSi, and a SNES

@Geonjaha My sister would rather watch TV then play video games. Weird right?



MrsPickles wrote:

@Jaz007 I have a Wii (broken), a DSi, and a SNES

@Geonjaha My sister would rather watch TV then play video games. Weird right?

That's what's cool about the Wii U though. Most games let you play on the controller while someone watches TV.
(I still think 3DS is the way to go though.)

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Wii U. Handheld gaming has always been somewhat mediocre (besides Pokémon)..

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Metal_Sonic wrote:

Wii U. Handheld gaming has always been somewhat mediocre (besides Pokémon)..

Maybe somebody needs to watch today's Nintendo Direct?

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Hard to say before E3.

3DS is definitely the best one right now by faaaar IMO.

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It depends on what you want out of you gaming device, I suppose, but as far as actual games are concerned, the 3DS is the far superior option right now.

The 3DS and games themselves are much more affordably priced, it already has an established library of quality titles with many more great games scheduled to come out over the next year alone (seriously, there's, like, at least one big 3DS release scheduled for each month of 2013), a more robust selection of digital-only titles, and a larger, and quickly expanding, user base that guarantees developers will continue to support it for the foreseeable future.

Now, to be fair, the Wii U isn't even a year old yet, has a whole host of unique and interesting features, and could well turn things around over the next year (it wasn't that long ago that some gamers and analysts were predicting DOOOOOOM for the 3DS, after all), but to my eye, if the actual games are what's most important, it's the riskier choice.

Metal_Sonic wrote:

Wii U. Handheld gaming has always been somewhat mediocre (besides Pokémon)..

Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

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The Wii U has a huge variety of games,while the 3DS library contains mostly ports.

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The 3DS is developing a FANTASTIC software library. I definitely recommend it.

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3DS if you want something that has an established game library that will continue to grow. Wii U if you want something that will get an established game library soon enough. If you don't have a PS360, and since your Wii is broken I do suggest the Wii U, but not over the 3DS.



3DS because:
1: It's portable.
2: It has a new gaming revolution: stereoscopic 3D.
3. It has a better library of games and upcoming games.
4. It has lots of social features and upcoming social features like Miiverse and Flipnote Studio 3D.
I think the Wii U will eventually become the better system, but right now 3DS is the Nintendo system to own. I hope this helps.

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