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Post your resolutions about video games! Mine is to finish all my wii games so I have a fresh start with wii u

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Actually finishing games I start, and start playing games which I've had lying around for months.

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To get at least 5 unfinished RPGs out of my backlog. They're really starting to pile up.

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-catch up on older games that aren't on 3DS or Wii U during the inevitable slow summer (Mass Effect 3, Spec Ops the Line, Eternal Sonata, Asura's Wrath, 999, Sakura Wars, Punchout Wii and some XBLA stuff come to mind)
-Actually beat La Mulana (good luck)
-In some ridiculously tiny way help at least one new IP succeed
-be the best 3DS Animal Crossing person to make up for how little my username makes sense (as I didn't really like the last 2 games too much)
-support all the Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon DLC if it's as good as it could be
-play fighting games other than Smash Bros
-play racing games other than Mario Kart
-actually start a Let's Play or 2

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Start a riot and raid NOA headquarters until we get some eShop sales.

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To beat Xenoblade Chronicles sometime during this year.



Finally beat the only console Zelda I have never beat....Adventure of Link................................ok, so that probably still won't happen.... I suck at it.

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To actually beat some of my games. :/

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Haha, is pretty silly

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"The pain goes away, but your work always remains." - Masahiro Sakurai
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RevolverLink wrote:

To get at least 5 unfinished RPGs out of my backlog. They're really starting to pile up.

Actually that sounds like a good plan for me...
Also if GBA games come, I'll buy the rare gems that didn't sell if they come to VC

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Must finish my backlagg or at least get close this year
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No unfinished games for me. Does this mean I win? :3

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To buy 4 Wiimotes with Motion Plus built in


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To beat Kid Icarus for once. And mind you, I'm talking about the original NES one..

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To try out some new Nintendo series. I haven't played Rhythm Heaven, Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing and more, so I'm going to be busy!
And maybe I'll try to stop getting new eShop games when I haven't finished nearly any. . . Nah.

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Beat games before I buy new ones.
Stop using walkthroughs so much.
And 100% Arkham City.

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