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SSBbrawler08 wrote:

I would have to say Banjo and Kazooie, They've been silent warriors, having one of the best games of all time. And imagine the stages they could make for Smash...I hope Banjo and Kazooie make it to Smash.

sorry that aint happing since thrid party have to aproach big-N to be in and what with evil-M holding Rare under their thumb If Rare pulled something like they'd get disbanded.

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The King from the CD-i Zelda

I hear its amazing when the famous purple stuffed worm in flap-jaw space with the tuning fork does a raw blink on hari-kiri rock!!! I NEED SCISSORS!!! 61!!!


everyone but as a baby and their smash they could get thier baby partners to help like mario = peach and luigi or fox = peppy slippy



Y'know, I'm almost surprised Baby Mario/Luigi/Peach AREN'T in Brawl, given how Baby Version-happy Nintendo has been lately in Mario Kart and sports games. I guess baseball and driving are toddler-friendly, but fighting isn't?

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lol. ya but they would just be duplicates of the same move set. take wolf falco and fox for example they got basically the same move set so it would be boring because baby mario and lugi would all have the same moves all 4 of them and no one likes peach thats probally why and its a good decision too

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I think Fawful should be a character! That would be awesome!


Megaman and Conker.
Conker throwing up on everybody and hit them with a frying pan.

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Standard Special: Kunai
(2%-16%) Takamaru throws a kunai and it speeds straight forward throughout the entire stage before hitting something or simply exiting the stage. The further away the kunai is, the less damage it will deal, the minimum being 2% with very mild knockback and the maximum being 8% with medium knockback. Takamaru can throw 4 kunai in a row before he has to take a 2 second break on using this attack. Takamaru can also charge this attack. Semi-charged, he will throw two kunai that deal a minimum of 4% damage and a maximum of 10% damage. Fully charged, he will throw three kunai that deal a minimum of 5% damage and a maximum of 11% damage. It takes two seconds to fully charged this attack, and if Takamaru does decide to fully charge it, he can keep it charged for later use much like Shiek's Needle. Once Takamaru reaches 80% damage, he will start throwing fire balls that deal 3+ more damage at the minimum and 5+ more damage at the maximum along with the obvious fire effect. Fire balls have a small amount of lag (probably about .2 second's worth) while throwing unlike the mostly lag-less but less powerful kunai. Takamaru obtains super armor during that small lag.

Side Special: Sakura Kiss
(10%-30%) Takamaru dashes forward, cherry blossom petals appearing where he once stood, and then swiftly jumps into the air about one Ganondorf high and then slams down, sword held directly in front of himself. Suddenly, more cherry blossoms will appear and form a small cyclone that travels forward about three Kirby's in width and deal 10% damage to anyone hit by it. The sword itself deals about 12% damage with minor knockback, while the cyclone only pushes opponents away from it once it hits them once. There is a 5/25% chance that the cherry blossom cyclone will be multi-colored, resulting in a cyclone that deals 8+ the amount of damage. There is a .5 second lag between Takamaru dashing and jumping into the air and he will only obtain super armor half of the time, making for an interesting game of chance every once in a while.

Up Special: Sparrow's Gift
(18%) A sparrow appears beside Takamaru and tweets something in his ear. He suddenly exclaims "Kiso!" (Fantastic idea!) and lifts his sword directly above his head. Suddenly, a massive amount of sparrow feathers circle around Takamaru, lifting him into the air. The sparrow feathers deal absolutely no damage, but Takamaru's sword deals 18% damage to anyone in its way with a very light knockback. During the .3 second lag between the sparrow whistling to him and Takamaru performing the attack, he obtains super armor. This lag will not occur while in mid-air as the sparrow will not appear to tell Takamaru its secret. As you could tell, it is better to use this attack off of the ground than on it.
Takamaru only moves about one and a half Ganondorf's into the air, but he will be able to move either forward, left, or right, making this a more mobile attack than originally conceived.

Down Special: Shuchu
(?) Takamaru sits down on a small, hand-woven pad and begins to meditate in the usual cross-legged style as long as the special attack button is held. If anyone throws or shoots a projectile at him, Takamaru will grab it ,whether it is something like a fire ball or ice cube or not, and toss it in front of himself two times faster and 5+ damage more powerful than it originally was. For example, instead of DK3's Mario's Fire Ball attack dealing 2 - 6% damage, it will deal 7% - 11% damage and it also won't move all too sluggishly.

Final Smash Invisibility Tablet
(?%) Takamaru throws a small tablet onto the ground and is engulfed in a puff of smoke. When the smoke disintegrates, Takamaru will be completely invisible, minus his shadow of course, for 10 seconds! While invisible, Takamaru will also be completely invincible and the only way he can be knocked out is by falling or running off of the stage himself. His attack power will also be increased by 2 and his speed by 1 while invisible

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Lulz I like how no one isn't even paying attention to each others' replies.

Banjo-Kazooie will always be fun to have in a Smash game... even though it can't happen.



Funky Kong... He is like the koolest thing ever

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Locke+Cole wrote:

His final smash would be the Cow launcher, where Cows would rain from the sky crushing his opponents

You called? Life did seem better when Earthworm Jim was around.

Whislt there are many I'd like to see, I'd choose Samurai Gorah. After 3 versions of the game there needs to be another F-Zero character in Smash Bros. I'm not sure what he'd do, possibly be a heavier & slower version of Falcon, then Ganondorf could actually have his own moves.



I would have to say Eggman with a switchout between Metal Sonic. Almost like pokemon trainer.



Eggman's Battleship.
He takes up half the screen, and his B-Special is a screen-filling Beam attack.
The Catch? Sonic Kills him the instant he appears on the field.
If everyone else is Sonic, then you Die 3 times at once. It's called Hyper Dying. It's the most humilating kind of death there is. If you somehow get a Hyper Death, then a Nintendo Representitive will go to your house to point and laugh at you, then takes a picture of you and puts it on Nintendo's Wall of Shame, next to the Virtual Boy and the CDi.

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Mii? HAHA.

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