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Who has any ideas for 1 NEW super smash bros. brawl character?(describe them and why they would b cool) only say one and don't use the same character twice . i'd have to say Fawful from mari and luigi superstar saga. his taunt could be him saying some nonsensical thing and his hover thing would be cool. Fawful is my favorite bad guy

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I would say Mega Man, but I'll say a Nintendo character. I would say, some sort of Nintendo console. Kind of like R.O.B.


Earthworm Jim, why would he be cool? He's beyond cool, he's GROOOOOVY!
I'm guessing his taunts would be firing randomly into the distance shouting "EAT DIRT! Everyone in the vicinity!". The other would be him putting a thumbs up shouting "Groovy!".
His final smash would be the Cow launcher, where Cows would rain from the sky crushing his opponents.

Man I miss Earthworm Jim...

I'm a Paul Heyman guy.

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I think Starfy should definitely be in the next Smash Bros.!



Geno because...he's Geno! What more reason do you need?

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because he is awesome?!?!?!?!

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Isaac, leading man of Golden Sun, should be in Super Smash Bros. Why, you ask? Oh, just a few reasons:

He'll slice you up with his sword, smack you with the power of earth, poison you, drop a giant sword on you, create a nigh-impenetrable shield, shake the earth, tangle you up with vines, drop stalactites on your head, freeze your body with the power of the earth, open up the earth to engulf you, summon a undead pharoah, heal himself, summon a giant earth beastie to throw you into the stratosphere, revive himself, summon a giant knight with a lion's head on his arm that shoots a giant sphere of light that annihilates the entire world, and then jump into the sky and drop the entire freaking sun on you.

Then he'll finish you by pushing you off the stage with a giant hand.

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Tails many people asked for him & he could fight his final Smash would be Dive Bomb he flys around the entire field bombing everyone ^^!!

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Mike Jones! Yo-yo's, baseballs, psychic blasts, swords, lasers, bolas, and more make for an extremely versatile arsenal! Only problem is, neither StarTropics game was ever released in Japan. That's probably why the Japanese dev team for Brawl didn't even make him an Assist Trophy.

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MegaMan... It never felt right that he was left out of the last one so they need to fix that...

And for the record... Geno is a terrible character.

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i gotta say naruto , shadow clone jutsu no less (:

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Knuckles the Echidna he coud glide but with no wings think of the madnes that woud ensue it MUST come to pass.

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knuckles would be pretty awesome but i gotta say he would be a bit like icarus wouldnt he?

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knuckles would be pretty awesome but i gotta say he would be a bit like icarus wouldnt he?

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WHAT!? You thing that wimpy sword compares to Knuckles spiked knuckles of teh fury!

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lol guess not

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I would have to say Banjo and Kazooie, They've been silent warriors, having one of the best games of all time. And imagine the stages they could make for Smash...I hope Banjo and Kazooie make it to Smash.

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how about the secret dishwasher invention he could spray water and spit clothes lol (:

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