Topic: Will there be any WWE games coverage on this site?

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Before I start, I apologize if this is the wrong section for this.

Since Nintendo Power was the only gaming news media to cover the Wii, DS, etc. versions of WWE games, I now fear that I won't get any Wii, DS, etc. version news or reviews for any WWE games ever again, Will there be any coverage of WWE game ports for Nintendo systems on this site?

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I am a huge fan of WWE and I want some coverage as well.

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NintendoLife's job isn't to take over articles previously covered by Nintendo Power, so I'd imagine that if they haven't covered WWE in the past then they're unlikely to start now.


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@FlextaMcSignals thanks for writing in with your suggestion. We don't currently have any staff members knowledgeable enough in the subject to provide the kind of coverage you're probably after, if we every got someone on-board that was willing then maybe we'll start doing more coverage.

Assuming good games are released on Wii U then we'll certainly cover them where possible

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