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The board or forum or whatever you wanna call it for the Wii U seems glitched. No clue how to fix it, seems like it was caused by the massive spammer from yesterday. Even though I have marked all threads read in that part, it still lists it as having new posts, even though there aren't any. Brought it up the other day but no one noticed the post, so I decided to make a thread about it. Is it just me here? o.o


I had the same issue, but for me it went away eventually on its own.

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It probably resulted from tbd's fix, not the spammer themself. I only use the recently posted thingy on the main page, so it hasn't affected me yet.

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Maelstrom wrote:

It probably resulted from tbd's fix, not the spammer themself.

preeeeeeetty sure it's the spammer's fault, lord knows i didn't go around c/ping pages' worth of gibberish into forum topic titles. that's what probably broke the system there :/

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Well lets give the system a little more time then.

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