Topic: who everyone going for at wwe Wrestle Mania.

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i got rock over john cean

i got undertaker over hhh & h.b.k

i got cm punk over y2j

i got sheamus over brayn

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Why is this in the Suggetsions, Ideas & Feedback section??? Ah whatever heres my picks

Rock is going to layeth the smackit down on Cena
Undertaker of course will beat HHH but will badly wounded in storyline and end his career at 20 and 0
I would like to see Jericho beat Punk but since Jericho more than likely will be leaving after WM it will probably be Punk
Sheamus over Bryan.

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Agreed, please feel free to post this kind of topic in the appropriate section of the forums — or, better yet, talk up your Wrestlemania picks in the Wrestling Fans Unite thread. Thank you! :3

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