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I was wondering, when is it ok to re-post a thread if it's been locked? By this, I'm reffering to a thread being locked because of a de-railing argument, not because of a bad subject. For example, what if the pixel art thread got locked because of an argument. Would it be ok to make a new thread, or would that one be locked also? An actual example might be the DSihub thread. That one was locked [I'm not actually sure why], but would it be against the rules to make a new DSihub thread?
I've seen where someone posts a thread that is not a good one, and he kept re-posting it until he got banned.
EDIT: thanks for the reply, TBD. That clears some things up for me

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Just let it happen.

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under normal circumstances, provided the only problem with the thread was the derailing argument, it depends on the topic -- it's pretty safe to say we're done with PS3 vs. 360 and religion-based topics, for example, but there have been other times where a thread has been locked for reasons of an argument and someone else has started up a similar thread later on with no problem. Dazza's the one who handed down the order to have the DSiHub thread locked, though, so you'd be better off contacting the admins about starting another DSiHub thread.

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