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Say i have a old genisis/snes devolpment kit n want to make a new game and put it on virtual console could i do that

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or cant I

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Don't think so. The VC is for classic games already made.

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Agreed with lz2009. You'd have to go to Nintendo to ask permission to ask to make the game (which won't likely happen), then release it in stores TODAY (this modern day, I mean), then get wait for Nintendo to ask for your permission to put the game on VC (which won't happen at all). The odds are NOT in your favor, buddy.

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I think it would be really great if they released from the N64
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Y'know, I'm pretty certain I remember Nintendo saying something way back when this whole VC thing was first announced that it would offer developers the chance to create games for the old consoles. I presume that's faded away into nothing now, though.


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You remember incorrectly. Probably thinking of something said about WiiWare.

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Yes but it will be on WiiWare instead.


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